Chocolate Pie

Chocolate Pie

Tomorrow it is school holidays in New Zealand! It is the best time to do some baking with the kids to celebrate this lovely winter. I chose a chocolate tartellette because all kids love chocolate and also because it is a pretty easy recipe to do with kids. A bit of history before sharing this lovely treats. I told you each recipe has a lovely past and I am passionate about knowing it.


So apparently ‘Ganache’ takes its name from an error handling from a chocolate apprentice who pour boiling cream over chocolate. His master chef treated him as a ‘ganache’ (means jerk).  But the mixture came really nice, far from being unusable and so the recipe took the surname of its inventor “Ganache”.

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Inspired by Nestle chocolate caramel tart .

Almond Pie Crust Steps by Steps

almond pie crust

Chocolate Pie // Tartelette au chocolat noir
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: French
A chocolate pie with a fudgy filling.
  • Sugar Almond pie shells. My recipe is on the dough section of this blog.
  • Chocolate filling "ganache".
  • 160 g of dark chocolate chips melts
  • 180 ml of pure liquid cream
  • 60g unsalted butter
  1. Prepare sugar almond pie shells. Recipe on my blog.
  2. Set aside and cool down 15 minutes on a rack.
  3. Meanwhile prepare the chocolate filling : chocolate ganache
  4. Chocolate ganache:
  5. Bring the cream to boil.
  6. Add the cream to the chocolate chips in 3 times.
  7. Mix with a spatula from the center of the bowl to the side during each addition.
  8. Add the diced butter at room temperature.
  9. Stir well until well incorporated.
  10. If the butter is too cold it will create some white spot in the ganache so make sure it is at room temperature.
  11. Do not melt the butter ever or the ganache will not become firm when it cool down.
  12. Pour the chocolate ganache filling into the pies shells.
  13. Leave 2 hours in the fridge until the ganache become firm.
  14. Tips: You could also prepare a 26cm pie and serve individual slices. To cut lovely slices bring the knife under warm water before cutting. It will create a perfect shiny cutting without removing any ganache from the slice.

The sugar almond crust recipe is available here.

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