Snowball Cookies {good healthy snacks, sugar free!}

Snowball cookies are guilt-free treats if your on sugar free diet ? 100% sugar free cookie recipes with less than 5 g of carbs per bites those snowball cookies will fix your sweet cravingssugar free coconut snowball cookies

Coconut Snowball Cookies – An ideal Snack for diabetic

Coconut Snowballs is an ideal sugar free cookies recipe. It is a very basic and simple but it is also one of my favourite snack since I am a diabetic. I created this Coconut Snowballs recipe by myself after making a white egg less cake. I did not know what to do with white eggs except meringue. Ah ah I loved meringue so much ! And I thought, how can I do a sort of sugar-free meringue? That is how I created this Coconut Snowball Cookies recipe. I started to firmly whisk the white eggs – like for a meringue – than I added dessicated coconut until I can form balls in my hands. A bit of Naturals stevia powder to sweeten the whole thing and few drops of beet juice that I am always using as a natural pink food colour. Both of the last ingredient are really optional that is why I said 2 ingredients recipe. You can obviously use pink colour from the supermarket if you do not have beet juice.

Coconut Snowball Cookies – A 2 ingredients Recipe

sugar free coconut bites snowball cookies

Coconut Snowballs – Less than 5 g of Carb per bites

I baked them at low heat 160 C for 45 minutes. Like for a meringue it was more a drying step rather than baking step. After baking and cool down it gave crunchy sweet coconut snowballs.

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It is really nutritious full of protein brought by the white eggs and low carb as dessicated coconut contains only 22g of carbs/100g. I made about 40 balls with this recipe – – about 12 g a ball – and two of them were enough to feel full at snack time. So it is snack with less than 5 g carb. And if you are looking for more sugar free low carb desserts check out my sugar free meringue recipe !

sugar free coconut snowball cookies

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Coconut Snowballs – Sugar-Free



  1. Preheat the oven at 160C.
  2. Whisk the white eggs with an electric mixer until firm and fluffy.
  3. Add the coconut, stevia powder and food colour.
  4. Combine with a spatula until it forms a consistent dough.
  5. Form coconut balls with your hands by rolling the mixture in your hand palm.
  6. Place the coconut balls onto a baking tray.
  7. Bake for 30-45 minutes or until the balls crackles and are dry enough. Check often to avoid them to get brown and burn.
  8. Let cool down 1 hour on the baking tray.
  9. Store in a metallic box until 3 days.


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  1. FulfillingLife says

    I just made these and halved the recipe as didn’t think I’d get through 40 in 3 days.
    Changes I made: no colouring and instead of stevia powder I used about 15 drops of caramel stevia drops.
    My mixture was quite crumbly so I wasn’t sure how it would work out but they held together well, just required a bit of squishing and squeezing at first to make them stay as balls to go into the oven :) They were only in the oven for about 20 minutes before they were ready to come out (again this might have something to do with how dry my mixture was).
    DELICIOUS…The kids I teach noticed them and are loving them too :)

    • says

      It is so nice to have a feedback like this. My mixture was quite dry too but as you said when you squeeze it hold together. I did this recipe few times and I noticed that the dessicated coconut brand impact a lot the recipe. Some coconut are more moist and in this case the batter is easier to work. If the coconut is too dry I am using eggs size 7 instead of 6. I am glad the kids love them. My baby girl love them too :)

  2. Natalie says

    I couldn’t get it to form a round ball and I found that 1 hour was too long. My first batch was ruined because it came out burn brown and tasted like paper. So I used sweeten coconut and 5 egg whites and didn’t use any sugar substitute. I did a separate bowl and colored or pink and stuffed to white part in mini muffin pan and added a bit of pink for color.
    This recipe is great, but I tweaked it a bit for taste and looks. I thank you so much for the idea!

    • Carine says

      Hi Natalie, I am sorry to hear that. I updated the recipe with the size of the eggs I used. I used size 8 which are bigger eggs with much more egg white than size 6. It probably explain why you add to use one more egg. The baking time is tricky for those one I know. Sometime mine are getting brownish too if I do not check them often. It is more a drying time than baking time I guess. Thanks for the lovely comment anyway. It will helps all the readers on the blog. I do my best to share my sugar free fav recipe and I really love when they works for everyone. Carine. xx


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