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10 Kitchen Tools To Make Healthy cooking easy


MAKE HEALTHY COOKING EASYMaking your own meals is the best way to control your health and body weight. It is easier to cut on calories, processed food and extra fat when you mix the ingredients yourself. But healthy cooking does not have to be difficult. Here I am sharing my favourite 10 Kitchen Tools To Make Healthy cooking easy every day. With those tools, even the most inexperienced chef will be able to prepare tasty and healthy dinner.

Links in the articles are affiliate Amazon links.

1. Spraying oil instead of pouring! 

A smart way to reduce the amount of fat into your plate and a mess-free tool to grease your muffins tray or pan. (under $15)

Oil mister

2. Food processor

My favourite tool to prepare meals, cakes, salads, dips in a minute. I showed with my recipes that the possibilities are unlimited with this tool from making your own guacamole or hummus in less than 10 minutes, ice cream batter, grated vegetables for healthy salads,  blend cake batter and makes raw cookies in less than 3 minutes! (less $130)

food processor

3. Veggie spiralizer

Ditch the carbs and makes your own spaghetti by spiralizing any vegetables. (less $20)



4. Quick pop maker

Create your own popsicle in less than 7 minutes! Making your own ice cream is the best way to control sugar and dairy (less $50).

quick pop maker

5. Iced tea maker Set

Prepare healthy sugar-free iced tea this summer with this iced tea maker. I also love to use any herbal tea sachet to make cold flavours drinks that do not contain sugar. A simple way to stop drinking soda and sweet drink. (less $30)

ice tea maker


6. Herbs scissors

Fresh herbs are the best way to give flavours to your meals without adding calories or salt. These scissors are my favourite mess-free option to finely chop herbs. (less than $10)

herbs scissors


7. Garlic crusher

Garlic tastes great and is good for you. But it can leave strong flavour to your hands. Use this garlic crusher to easily crush fresh garlic and avoid buying garlic powder. (less $10)

garlic crusher


8. Blender

Smoothie and soup are the fastest way to make a healthy, low calorie fulfilling snack. This blender handles both cold and hot liquid! I love that this blender exists in 18 colours. So much fun in the kitchen. (less than $150)



9. Apple divider

Apple slices + nut butter = my favourite healthy fulfilling snack. It made much easier with this apple divider, that will cut apple slices for you in seconds. It’s also a perfect tool to make apple pies. (less than $7)

apple divider


10. Grater/zester

Another way to add taste to your meals without extra calorie is to use lemon zest. What is better than pomelo, orange or lime zest on top of grilled vegetables. This zester will make things so much easier. (less than $15)




Disclosure: all products listed in this article have been picked by myself to help you cook healthy meals the easiest way. I only recommend products that I love using in my own kitchen and that you can see in my recipes in this blog. There are some affiliate link on this post which means that I will receive a small commission if you decide to purchase through this link. Thank you for your understanding.

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