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3 Steps Plan to Stop Sugar Craving

3 Steps Plan to Stop Sugar Craving : wrote by a Diabetic

Like most people with diabetes I have to manage my sugar cravings and that is how I came up with this 3 Steps Plan to Stop Sugar Craving to share with you my plan to support my Sugar Addiction. Like most people I grew up with weakness for sweet treats – my parents run a candy factory in France so it obviously does not help.

3 Steps Plan to Stop Sugar Craving, Step 1: Taste buds detox

I thought that my taste buds were ruined and addicted to sugar and that there is no way to stop my sugar taste craving. But after reading many scientific and nutrition articles – well I was a scientist so I like to read high quality health information and sharing them with you – I learnt that the average life of our taste buds is about 2 weeks.

Which means that each 2 weeks you have got like a new mouth full of new tastebud ready to discover new taste. Meaning that if you did not feed them with sugar for 2 weeks they do not know how sugar taste like and they are not pushing your brain to have some. Check my Top 10 Sugar-Free Stevia Dessert Recipe to learn how to bake with Stevia Powder

10 Sugar-free Stevia dessert Recipes

3 Steps Plan to Stop Sugar Craving, Step 2: Brain detox.

Of course we have learnt what food we like and even if our taste bud are fully detoxified after 2 weeks our brain still remember the taste of a Nutella, Kit Kat, cookies etc. That is sugar-infographic1because we spent our life developing bad food habits and we perceive as ‘normal’ to eat this junk food. The best way to confirm that fact is to watch kids eating. When I am watching my 14 months-old baby girl I realised that food do not taste the same to her. She is licking  raw lemon with a big smile or eat any garlicky dishes like my home made hummus. But she is not asking for sugar because she do not know yet how it taste like. She is satisfied by explosion of flavour all other raw and natural food food provide her.

Another interesting thing about eating sugary food and sugary drinks is that they increase the release by your brain of Dopamine – an hormone which makes us feel good. It explain why we could have headache, irritability or poor concentration when we stop sugar.

3 Steps Plan to Stop Sugar Craving, Step 3: Boost your body with Super Food

The good thing is that you can increase the dopamine level in your body by eating non sugary ingredient. If you want to know what are the Top 10 Superfood to support a sugar detox read my article here.

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How Sugar Craving Works ?

sugar cycle image


 3 Steps Plan to Stop Sugar Craving Result after two weeks without sugar

The positive outcome after my first 2 weeks without sugar is:

  • I am not starving for sugar any more,
  • The good sugar ingredients – like fructose coming from fruits –  taste sweeter than usual,
  • Because I am more sensitive to the taste of sugar I am getting satisfied really quickly after I ate an apple or a pear
  • I ate less and I loss weight!
  • I developed new tasty Sugar-Free recipes like Muffins, Brownie and dessert

The negative outcome after my first 2 weeks without sugar are:

  • It was difficult to go out with my friends as most coffee sale sugary food and I felt really tempted
  • I felt tired and I had headache probably because of the drop of dopamine

My Personal tips

  • Use Natural sweetner if you feel like you need it. Most people told me ‘do not use any sweetener – even the natural option like Stevia. I actually did not listen to them and I used it in my coffee each morning and slightly on my baking. I still manage to detox my taste bud and I even read in a study that Stevia helps to regulate insulin. I will not validate this fact to support the use of Stevia as the dataset of this study appears to be really low. What I am saying here is that Stevia is only plant and can not hurt you if it could help you to stop refined sugar. Read my Top 10 Sugar-Free Stevia Dessert Recipe to learn how to bake with Stevia Powder
  • Socialize. Get out with people like you. You need support and you need to find a group of people who are not pushing you to eat the bad thing.
  • Plan and organise yourself. Plan your weekly meal but saving healthy recipes. Then do a shopping list to be sure you are able to cook this recipe during the week. Planning will avoid compulsory shopping!
  • Redesign your pantry. Swap ingredients to make your shelves healthier

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