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5 Tips to Drink enough Water


5 Tips to Drink enough Water

5 Tips to Drink enough Water

I keep reading everywhere that we should drink more water and that we have to drink 1 to 1.5 litres of water per day. Water provide cell hydration and make the skin looks younger – some studies even said that you looks 10 years younger when you drink 1.5 l a day. I am not convince about that but the sure thing is : water is vital for the body. Water makes up 60% of our body weight which gives an idea of the importance of water in the body function. The other thing to keep in mind is the continuously loss of water by our body via perspiration , urine , and even respiration. That is why it is recommended to drink so much water throughout the day.

So great! but how do we achieve that 1.5 l per day?

1. Prepare your daily bottle 
When we are busy at work or home we often forget to drink regularly. And even if we drink few glasses we never know how much we really consume. So the first trick is: keep a bottle of water near you all the time. I even wrote my name on it to be sure that nobody in the house drink my bottle.

2. Do not wait to be thirsty
Thirst means that the body is already dehydrated. In clear in means it’s almost too late. So do not wait to be thirsty and never say no to a glass of water. It will never hurt your body.

3. Do not drink the same water through the day
If you are really bored to drink water from the bottle: bring variety to your drinks. Try herbal tea, mineral water, sparkling water, tap water, spring water. You can also add some slices of lemon or orange to your water or mint leaves to make it tastier. You can also chose a broths or soups. But do not forget that drinking water does not mean you can opt for all kind of prepared soups that will bring you too much sodium and other flavoured water that often contains sugar.

4. Adapt your water intake to your activities
Try to drink before exercising. The body dehydrates faster due to perspiration and it is better to charge your body with fluid and minerals before doing sport. Of course drinking after is also a good point but to some people it upset their stomach to drink lots after sports. So give your body plenty of water before losing fluid.

5. Eat fruits
Drink by eating fruits! Yes it is possible. You have to opt for fruits rich in water like watermelon, melon, orange, peach, pears, apple, strawberries etc. It will be the perfect mix of good health and good nutrition.

Source Water, Hydratation and health and nation health program 

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  1. Yes, I totally agree with what you said. I think that water is very important for our body. I think that eating fruits like watermelon will be a great help too keep hydrated. Thanks for sharing these very informative article.

  2. I like what you said about preparing your bottle the day before. I like to drink cold spring water, so it would be smart of me to have a supply of bottles that I can keep in my refrigerator. That way, I will have a good amount of cold water to drink.

    • Hi Emily, I bought few cheap plastic bottle at my Kmart store and I made up a routine. Each night before going to bed I fill up 3 bottle of 500 ml to have my 1.5 litre of fresh water ready to drink for the next day. I found it very helpful to reach my goal of 1.5 l of water everyday. You can do it too I am sure! Let me know ! Carine.

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