Sweetashoney Ad-Free

Faster, Easier, and Purposeful

$3.99 USD per Month

  • Faster Browsing

    With no ads displayed anywhere, pages load faster, making it quicker to access your favorite recipes

  • Easier Interface

    No ads = no buttons moving down as ads are loaded. Sweetashoney is decluttered, making it a breeze to use.

  • Full Access to Members

    With your Ad-Free subscription, you get instant and full access to all the features in Sweetashoney Members!

  • Support Sweetashoney!

    Ads are necessary for the Website to run. Between the hosting cost, the cost of various tools and plugins, the cost of ingredients and equipment (each recipe is tried 3-4 times before being posted), running a website costs a lot. Without ads, there would be no free recipes!

  • Inexpensive

    It's only $3.99 per month! Less than a take away coffee! And you get fast, easy access to all your favorite recipes!

The same great website. But without the ads.

$3.99 USD per Month

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