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Can I eat Chocolate ?


Can I eat chocolate?

Can I eat chocolate ?

That is a typical question I get from people who join the sugar detox right now. Sugar detox is about removing refined sugar from your diet and cutting down on sugar in general to detox your body, taste buds and brain. The detox works if you do not provide your body what is trigger insulin peak and consequently sugar craving.  During a sugar detox you can allow yourself a bit of chocolate. But not any kinds of chocolate. The best chocolate bars to buy are the one with more than 90% of cocoa which usually contains only 6 g of sugar per 100 g. As a reminder do not forget that 100 g of raw carrots also contains 5 g of sugar.

You can also use unsweetened cocoa powder which contains only 2 g of sugar per 100g. It is a perfect ingredient to use in your baking or for a hot drink when you are starving for a chocolate taste. To add some sweetness use stevia powder or xylitol. Both are natural sweeteners that will not impact your blood sugar level at all.

It means that a serving of 20 g represent less than one tablespoon of sugar.

For those who really do not want to eat refined sugar at all make your own chocolate bars using stevia powder. My popular recipe is available here : sugar free chocolate bars.  Then add some powerful ingredients inside like chopped nuts: almonds, pistachio, cashews, hazelnuts or even some low sugar dried fruits like goji berries.

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