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sesame ballsThis is my way of making sesame balls. It is probably not the asian sesame balls recipe you are used to see on internet but it is my way of making healthier sesame balls. My carrot sesame balls are loaded with fresh grated carrot, herbs and japanese spices. You will love their crispy sesame crust and spicy cheesy centre. It is a very healthy appetizer to enjoy this summer and probably one of the recipe I will make for my house warming party next month.

sesame balls

You guys love my spinach balls recipe so I thought I should also take some time to picture and share my carrot sesame balls recipe. I am making those for ages now and it has always been a very popular appetizer amongst my family and friends. This recipe is inspired by my French roots and my love and passion for japanese food.

dip soy sauce

It results in a very surprising mix – japanese ingredients with a bit of French emmental cheese – but seriously, this is good! Do not be afraid by this combination it taste amazing. If you do not have emmental cheese any cheese  will work but I would recommend an old grated cheddar. I simply love the strong taste of melted emmental in those carrot balls that balance very well with japanese wasabi and soy sauce. Look at this lovely orange and yellow centre! Simply as good as it looks.

inside sesame carrot balls

This recipe makes a batch of 30/40 balls depending on how big you shapes them. Also you can easily prepare the balls in advance and store them in the fridge on a plate, uncovered, and bake just before serving.

crispy sesame balls

Do not bake those carrot sesame balls too much in advance or they will loose their crispy sesame crust. Below are few more steps by steps picture to guide you through this super easy recipe. Enjoy! Carine.


Carrot sesame balls

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  • Preheat oven to 180C.
  • Prepare two baking sheets covered with baking paper. Set aside.
  • Place the sesame seeds into a bowl. Set aisde.
  • Peel and wash the carrots and using a grater, grate the carrot. Measure 3 cups of packed, grated carrots. Make sure you squeeze out the extra carrot juice.
  • Place the grated carrots into a large mixing bowl and add the panko crumb, eggs, herbs, onions, garlic, soy sauce, ginger, chilli flakes.
  • Use your hands or a spoon to combine. I really prefer to use my hands to squeeze the ingredients together and create a consistent mixture. If too moist, it could happens if you did not squeeze out very well the carrot juice, add more crumb one tablespoon at a time until you are able to forms balls with your hands.
  • Form balls - golf size balls - rolling the mixture in your hands palms.
  • Dip/roll each carrot ball into sesame seeds to cover half of the carrot balls.
  • Place each balls onto a baking sheet covered with baking paper. Leave a space of 1 cm between each balls.
  • Bake for 20 -25 minutes or until the sesame balls are firm and golden on the outside. The sesame seeds should be slightly roasted and crispy too.
  • Serve immediately.
  • Makes 30-40 balls.
  • Can be made in advance and stored on a plate in the fridge. Bake only before serving to ensure the carrot balls are crispy.

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  1. Hi Carine – love these recipes. Just tried your chocolate cup cake and it’s nowhere near mid afternoon sugar low time! Please add me to your email list to receive your blog. Can’t wait to try the carrot sesame balls.

    • Hi Kathryn, Thank you SO much for your lovely comment. I don’t have a mailing list running at the moment but I should start one very soon and will add your email! I usually post one or two new recipes per week so simply come and say hi to check what is new in my kitchen 🙂 You will love the carrot sesame balls ! Such a great and healthy finger food ! Love it too! See you soon on the blog my friend! xoxo Carine.

  2. I just did a search for gluten free yummies and came upon your website. I want to make everything! I have found out, through the years, that my body does much better without gluten. Your website/recipes are awesome! Do you have an email list that you post to/share new recipes?

    • Hi Kerri, I am so glad you find my blog and like it 🙂 I am not gluten intolerant but love to cook/bake with gluten free ingredients 80% of the time. SO you should find plenty of recipes to make on my blog ! yeah! I have a mailing list to sent update when new recipes are posted. This way you will never miss a recipe! Let me know if you would like tobe added and I will add your email now. Thanks again for the lovely message. See you soon on the blog. xoxo Carine.