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Keto mousses are decadent low carb desserts 100% keto, sugar-free and gluten-free. They are like fat bomb dessert, helping you reach the fat macro while indulging on a smooth mousse.

Chocolate avocado mousses, white chocolate mousses are the most delicious easy low carb recipes for the dessert lovers.

If you just start a keto low carb diet and you miss a good dessert, a low carb mousse is perfect. Most low carb mousses are made of fat from heavy cream, avocado, or coconut cream. Keto mousses are 100% sugar-free sweetened with natural sugar-free sweeteners like stevia, Monk fruit syrup, or erythritol.

All these mousse recipes contain few net carbs, won’t impact your ketosis or blood sugar level, and will satisfy your sweet tooth. They are like fat bombs mousse that also help you reach your fat macro daily.

Enjoy a mousse with no guilt and keep your keto diet on track!

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