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The Ultimate Clean Eating Binder

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What exactly is The Ultimate Clean Eating Binder?
Success: the Ultimate Clean Eating Binder is a collection of more than 85 printable sheets* to successfully start a clean eating diet and reboot your health no matter how busy you are.

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It contains all the organisation sheets you need to start a 2 week clean eating plan and even keep going for longer to shape-up your body.

The Ultimate Clean Eating Binder includes:

  • 2-week Clean Eating Meal plan PLUS 2-week Gluten free meal plan and 2-week {Gluten free + Dairy free} meal plan OR 6-week clean eating meal plan in total !
  • 2-week grocery list includes also a 2-week gluten free list and a 2-week {gluten free + dairy free} list
  • More than 20 clean eating recipes to print – gluten free and dairy free options provided
  • Personnal goal tracker
  • 20 Chic & Elegant recipe binders to create your own beautiful clean eating binder at home
  • And more …

Elegant & Chic Pages to Success Your Clean Eating plan: no matter how busy you are!

We all have crazy busy life. We have so much to deal with that it can be very challenging to find a tiny bit of time to even think about cooking more and buying less ready-made food. “I need to lose those extra pounds, I want to feel more energized, I want to fit this old pair of jean, I want to start the exercise routine I was supposed to start on New Year,… ”  When you think about it there are tons of positives health goals that we dream to achieve, postpone and finally cancel. Sometimes all we need is to be organised and The Ultimate Clean Eating Binder is here to help you reboot your body with clean eating no matter how busy you are!

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For years I was craving sugar for much of the day. I felt tired every day, got diagnosed with pre-diabetes and was stuck with extra post pregnancy pounds that I couldn’t get rid of. It was time to get my routines changed and I knew that cutting out on processed food was the solution. So, I started to design my own clean eating binder where I listed all my recipe ideas, clean eating shopping list, meal plan, and personal goal tracker and more. I quickly figured out that being organised with weekly meal plan, ready-to-go shopping list and recipes was making clean eating super easy for my all family. In only 6 months, I reversed my pre-diabetes, lost the extra pregnancy weight and felt so much happier. Seriously, this clean eating binder has been a total life saver for me.

Carine Claudepierre

When I realized that many other people were having the same problems I decided to create a printable version of my personal binder in hopes that it could help others achieve the same results. Don’t know how to set up personal goals? I get you covered with a monthly and daily goal tracker. Not sure about what clean eating is about? All the clean eating rules are provided plus 2 weeks of weekly meal plan and 2 weeks of essential grocery shopping list.  What’s for dinner? I created 2-week meal plans including a 2-week gluten free meal plan and a 2-week {dairy free + gluten free} meal plan which means 6 weeks of meal plan in total ! PLUS there is more than 20 clean eating recipes to help you prepare your own meals.


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  • Is this a physical product that will be shipped in my house? The Clean Eating Binder is a instant digital upload. No physical product will be shipped to your house. You will receive a PDF file with more than 85 pages to print your own binder at home.
  • Can I see an example of how your clean eating binder look like together ?  Sure! Simply check out my blog post HERE where I give you a tour of my home clean eating binder with tons of photos of all the different pages
  • How do I print the document? The document is designed to be print on 8.5″ x 11″ US letter paper. I recommend opening the PDF with Adobe Reader. Make sure that the page size is set to 8.5″ x 11″ before printing.
  • Where did you get your binder, dividers and how can I create a beautiful elegant binder like yours? Check out my blog post HERE where I am sharing with you all my tips on how to create a beautiful binder at home.

* 85 printable pages including chic category binders