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coconut cashew tart crust

You asked me if my grain free coconut cashew cookie recipe could be used as a tart crust? Well, this is the answer it works and I love the results! What I love the most about this Coconut Cashew Tart Crust is the tenderness – not so tender that it falls apart – but it cuts easily with a fork and holds shape when lifted from the pan.  When baked the crust has a beautiful golden brown edge colour with crisp and flaky texture. It makes a delicious tart crust for any sweet pie.

I love using this recipe to make pumpkin pie but also to make any fruits tart. French people adore fruit tart of any kind! If the fruits do not need to be baked – like for strawberry tart – I bake the crust first and wait until fully cool down to add custard and fruits. I highly recommend to leave the crust cool down in the pan for 10 minutes before lifting from the pan.

crust2The coconut oil will cool down and harden the tart crust shell. I also found easier to use a non stick round pan with removable bottom. It is much easier to lift the crust out of the pan. I used this round pan with removable bottom.

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I used this crust to make a sugar free lemon pie today and unfortunately we ate the tart too quickly and I did not picture the baked crust, but trust me guys it is bomb! a must try if you are looking for an easy grain free tart crust that can also make beautiful cookies 🙂crust3

coconut cashew crust steps by steps recipe



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Coconut Cashew Crust

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  • Preheat oven to 160 C.
  • Place the desiccated coconut, cashew pieces (or cashews nuts), sweetener, coconut flour, vanilla extract and coconut oil into a food processor with the S blade attachment.
  • Blend until a crumble is forming.
  • Add egg and process again until it forms a dough.
  • With your hands gather the crumble to form a ball of dough.
  • It will stick but should hold perfectly together.
  • Place the dough ball into the fridge 10 minutes to firm up.
  • Place the dough into a 24 cm greased round pie.. I used a here. This crust could break easily and using a removable pie bottom help to unmold the crust without breaking it into pieces. I used this one non stick 9-Inch round Pan with removable bottom
  • Press with your hand to spread the dough all around the pan.
  • For apple pie or cooked fruit pies, add the filling of your choice before baking the crust. For pie with unbaked filling, prebake the crust at 160 C for 35 minutes or until golden brown.
  • Cool down before removing the crust from the let some time to harden.
  • Add the filling of your choice like chocolate ganache, custard etc.
  • Perfect to make a pumpkin pie, apple pie or any other sweet pie.

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  1. In the ingredients, vanilla extract is listed but in the directions it is left out. Does it matter when we incorporate it? I actually almost forgot it all together but thank god I looked back at the ingredients one last time.

    • Hi, it is optional to add vanilla extract – it simply add a nice vanilla flavor – but the recipe will work perfectly with or without it. If you are making a savory tart I would recommend to not add it to the recipe. Enjoy the crust! it is delicious !!! Carine.

    • Hi Shellye, it is optional to add vanilla extract – it simply add a nice vanilla flavor – but the recipe will work perfectly with or without it. If you are making a savory tart I would recommend to not add it to the recipe. Enjy the crust! it is delicious !!! Carine.

    • Hello! Sure you can ! it will perfectly work. Enjoy the tart crust and thanks for reading the blog! xoxo. Carine.

    • Hi, Yes I used raw cashew nuts but roasted cashew will work well too. Enjoy the coconut cashew crust. It is a delicious low carb treat ! xoxo Carine.

  2. Hi! this recipe sounds delicious and I can’t wait to make it! Could the stevia etc be substituted with coconut sugar, maple syrup or honey? Thanks!

    • Hi Athina, Sure you can! Use 2-4 tbsp of liquid sweetener like honey, brown rice syrup or maple syrup. Adjust the number of tbsp regarding taste. Usually 2 tbsp are enough but if you have a sweet tooth you can go up to 4 tbsp – my husband love this option more 🙂 – it works very well. Enjoy ! xoxo. Carine.

  3. I just made this today using one tsp. of stevia and everyone gobbled it up. What a great recipe! My husband is paleo/diabetic and I usually make separate goodies for him and the children but everyone loved this one. I used is for a pear and apple tart and we are all thinking of other combinations that it would go great with, although my husband said I could make the crust alone, cover it in peanut butter, and call it a day. Maybe for peanut butter sandwich cookies next time…

    • Hello! I am so glad this sweet tart crust fit all your family dietary needs! I eat sugar free and low carb most of the time so you should fine lots of others yummy sweet treat that your kids and husband love. I do makes cookies with this batter. I love to add sugar free chocolate chips in the batter to make sugar free chocolate chips cookies for my family. But I really love the idea of the peanut butter sandwich cookies! It is on my to do list for next time! I will soon add a paleo section on my blog to make the search easier for paleo lovers. Keep on eye around & enjoy the recipes. Carine.

    • Hi Frances, The whole pie crust contains 72 g of net carbs (86 g of carbs including 14 g of fibre). You will makes 8 medium slices with this crust or 12 small slices.
      The amount of net carbs per medium slice is 9 g of net carbs or 6 g of net carbs per small slices. I hope it helps ! Enjoy the recipe. Carine.

    • Hi Joan, I am not sure but I will probably prefer my almond cashew crust recipe for a runnier filling which is available here. If you really want to use this recipe I would probably pre-bake the crust for 15 minutes first, then add the filling and return to the oven until fully set. You may have to reduce the heat to oven the sides of the crust to burn if it stay longer in the oven. Simply adjust or use a piece of foil paper on top to protect your pie until set. Enjoy and merry christmas. Carine.

    • Hi Lacey, Yes I used cashew, raw, no soaking required, only a food processor and few minutes of patience until it comes together. Do not hesitate to stop the processor scrap down the sides of the bowl and repeat until the dough form. For a cheaper option I often buy cashews pieces. It raw cashews as well but broken into pieces. ENJOY!

  4. Hi Carine.
    What is the difference between the coconut powder and the coconut flour, ingredients 1 and 2.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Teresa,
      The recipe use a mix of dessicated coconut and coconut flour and cashew pieces. What is showing as coconut powder at the bottom of the recipeis simply the dessicated coconut listed at first ingredient on the ingredient list. Sorry for the confusion 🙂 Enjoy this crust! Carine.