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Easter dinner recipes that won’t blow your diet? here  they are !healthy easter dinner recipesMake this Easter a little bit healthier ! Check out those Easter dinner recipes alternatives to Easter Ham.  This collection of recipes will surprised your guest this Easter. Say goodbye to the classic Easter ham. Welcome to healthy simple Easter dinner recipes that fuel you up. And keep your body fit and lean for the upcoming spring!

Easter dinner recipes alternatives to Easter ham

1- Salmon with roasted tomatoes & corn  

A very simple dish ready in less than 30 minutes and loaded with healthy fat from salmon and a beautiful vegetable salsa. Recipe created by MOMMY HOOD DIARY

baked salmon

2- Turkey & quinoa one pot meal

A balanced gluten free easter dinner recipe combining fulfilling quinoa, lean turkey meat and mushrooms. Recipe created by Living Sweet Moments.

Turkey quinoa one pot meal

3- Potato gnocchi with mushroom & feta

A nourishing potato gnocchi recipe filled with a surprising combo of shitake and white button mushrooms  in a white wine and rosemary sauce. Recipe created by cooktoria

gnocchi with mushrooms


4- Antioxydant Spinach Salad

A simple spinach salad recipe that will load your body with antioxydant food. You will love the sweet & savoury combo of berries & gorgonzola and balsamic vinaigrette. Recipe created by swankyrecipes.

spinach salad

5- Mexican Quinoa

I love the colours of this healthy quinoa casserole loaded with red beans, capsicums, avocado and coriander. Recipe created by cooktoria.

mexican quinoa


6- Leek Quiche with Thyme & Goat Cheese

A low carb quiche recipe with a crispy sunflower and oat seed crust filled this creamy leek and goat cheese. Recipe created by naturalgirlmodernworld.

leek quiche wih goat cheese

7- Zucchini fritters

One of my favourite quick & easy dinner. All you need are 5 ingredients to prepare those crispy baked zucchini fritters. A gluten free & dairy free easter dinner recipe too! Recipe created by Sweetashoney.

easy zucchini fritter

8- Mushrooms stuffed cabbage rolls

Those vegetarian cabbage rolls will make an impressive healthy easter dinner. It is filled with wholesome fulfilling ingredients including mushroom, brown rice and lentils. Recipe created by vanilla and bean.

vegetarian cabbage rolls


9- Rosemary & garlic roasted lamb leg

If you are a meatlover this rosemary & garlic roasted lamb leg is one of the best alternative to easter ham. Recipe created by jocooks.

roasted lamb leg

10- Chickpeas & avocado Salad

A light & low calorie easter dinner recipe full of colours and plant based protein. Minus the feta and it is a perfect vegan easter dinner recipe.  Recipe created by Salu Salo.

chickpeas and avocado salad


11- Pan seared salmon with wild rice in coconut curry broth

Boost your omega-3 this easter with this divine pan seared salmon recipe and  creamy coconut red curry sauce.  Recipe created by hapanom.

pan seared salmon

12- Curried quinoa broccoli salad

A light easter salad for all the plant based foodlover – simply swap the honey by maple syrup to make the dressing!  Recipe created by the pretty bee

curried quinoa broccoli salad


13- Persian jewelled rice

A fulfilling & spicy rice with a beautiful yellow colour. You will love the pomegranate and almond combo.  Recipe created by theviewfromgreatisland.

persian rice


14- Bacon & broccoli Quiche with coconut flour crust

A low carb & paleo coconut flour crust loaded with a beautiful broccoli & bacon combo. Recipe created by sweetashoney.

bacon quiche gluten free recipe

15- Sesame crusted tuna nicoice salad

Nicoise salad is a south of France dish usually loaded with Anchoives. Here is a lovely revisited recipe using sesame crusted tuna. Recipe created by hapanom.

nicoise salad


16- Maroccan chickpea bake

A divine oriental baked dish made of aubergine, chickpea and hummus. Recipe created by harrietemily.


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healthy easter recipes

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