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Do you love a thick & creamy mayonnaise but you are looking for an healthier eggless mayonnaise recipe?EGGLESS sriracha sauce

Good news! I finally find a way to make a creamy & healthy eggless mayonnaise and you will love it! Mayonnaise is such an amazing sauce to dip grilled vegetables or garnish a sandwich! Often mayonnaise has a bad reputation because it is full of unhealthy fat and for some people (like pregnant woman like me right now) raw eggs are not allowed. This eggless mayonnaise recipe is a healthier mayonnaise recipe using healthy avocado oil, coconut oil and vegan French Dijon mustard.

Eggless Mayonnaise : a quick & easy 4-ingredients sauce

You probably want to ask me, Carine, is that easy to make an eggless mayonnaise ? Actually yes it is ! All you need is 4-ingredients and a bit of patience while adding the oil.

eggless mayonnaise ingredientsThe key of success to any mayonnaise and even more to this eggless mayonnaise is to add the oil in a tiny stream no more than 1 tablespoon at a time – and to wait until fully incorporated before adding more. Look at those waves forming while pouring the oil. Isn’t that lovely?

eggless mayonnaise

After about 3 minutes your eggless mayonnaise is ready to eat. I do prefer to store it for a while in the fridge to let the mayonnaise thicken a bit more. Usually an hour or so is way enough. If you love spices you can add some sriracha sauce to the mix 1 or 2 teaspoon to this recipe will makes a great eggless sriracha sauce for a banh mi sandwich for example. Yes, I will share banh mi sandwich recipe very soon on the blog too 🙂 Or simply add crushed garlic and convert this recipe into a eggless aoili recipe! I usually add 1 teaspoon of fresh crushed garlic but again add more if you like strong aoili.

eggless mayonnaise

I hope you enjoyed this simple and a little bit healthier eggless mayonnaise recipe. For me, it is a life changer while being pregnant. I can finally some mayonnaise after almost 5 months! Yeah! Also if you follow a paleo diet or vegan diet this recipe will be all good for you too.

eggless mayonnaise

Enjoy the recipe and as always don’t hesitate to comment with your success or ideas! I love reading you.

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Eggless mayonnaise

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  • In a small mixing bowl add the French Dijon Mustard, coconut oil (not melted) and coconut cream. Make sure you use thick coconut cream, full fat. If you are using coconut cream from a can use the cream on top not the liquid.
  • With an electric whisk - medium speed - whisk for 30 seconds until it forms an emulsion.
  • Starts to add the vegetable oil in a thin stream about 1 tablespoon at a time and always wait until the amount you added is well incorporated before adding more. It is very important to success a thick eggless mayonnaise.
  • Keep adding the oil while whisking on medium speed until all the oil has been incorporated.
  • Adjust salt regarding taste - you can add a bit of crushed garlic too if you like- about 1 teaspoon is great.
  • If you want to flavor this mayonnaise with sriracha sauce, incorporate the sauce now using a teaspoon. For a spicy mayonnaise use 2 teaspoons.
  • Store into a small bowl covered with plastic wrap or in a glass mason jar.
  • Refrigerate immediately for at least 1 hour to thicken and enjoy the best taste and texture.
  • Keep well in the fridge up to 1 week.

eggless sriracha sauce vegan

eggless mayonnaise

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    • Hello! When the mayonnaise is ready use a spoon to incorporate/flavor the mayonnaise with sriracha sauce. For this amount I used 2 teaspoon of sriracha sauce. Enjoy!

  1. Can’t wait to try this. How much coconut oil? It’s not listed in ingredients.
    Unless it’s supposed to be oil instead of creme not both.

    • Sorry Rose, my mistake ! I used 1 tablespoon of solid extra virgin coconut oil as you can see on the ingredients pictures! Enjoy!