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Really, this Breakfast sandwich will change your life!

goat cheese sandwichThis goat cheese sandwich is my new breakfast obsession right now. A combo of melted soft and hard goat cheese between two slice of crispy wholemeal bread, grilled chicken bacon, cracked peppers and fresh coriander. BOOM! A simple but absolutely amazing and fulfilling grab-and-go breakfast sandwich.

I told you this pregnancy entirely alter my taste buds.  I never had savory food for breakfast before but really right now it is all I crave for. Specially melted cheese and bread! Maybe it is true that having a boy stimulate savory cravings ?!  I remember that when I was pregnant of my little girl I was only craving for sugar and chocolate so it might be true. Of course, while I am totally okay to satisfy my worst food craving I am still a very health concious person. So when it comes to cheese I like to pick cheese that contains less saturated fat, lots of protein and a medium amount of calories. I usually don’t look at calories at all but when you are pregnant it is hard to move as usual and you have to get the right balance in your plate to stay fit. So when it comes to cheese I like to choose goat cheese. It contains 30% less saturated fat and calories than regular cheddar and well it also  has an absolutely amazing taste. I am still buying French goat cheese even if I found the NZ goat cheese very tasty too. I simply love to get some french product from time to time to remind my childhood. Also if you want to reproduce the exact sandwich only French brand sale hard goat cheese slices in NZ. Well, you can always switch for a slice of Gouda or Havarti if you don’t want to shop at a specific shop.

goat cheese sandwich

For bread, as always I opt for gluten free wholemeal bread slices from Bakeworks. It is still my favorite bread far from over brands in New Zealand because it is made of nutritious flour and ingredients even psyllium husk to boost my fibre intake!

goat cheese sandwich

I added some grilled bacon in my sandwich that I glazed with honey – I choose chicken bacon because it contains way less fat and calories too! You can buy this sort of bacon in the bacon aisle. In New Zealand I buy Tegel Chicken Bacon range. Then I added some fresh coriander and cracked pepper too. I love herb and spices right now and this combo is a BOMB with goat cheese. Really! Try this now you won’t regret it!

goat cheese sandwich

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goat cheese sandwich

Goat Cheese Sandwich with chicken bacon & coriander

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  • 2 slice of wholemeal gluten free bread - I used Bakeworks in NZ
  • 2 tbsp. soft goat cheese
  • 1 slice hard goat cheese or gouda or havarti
  • 1 slice chicken bacon
  • 1/4 teaspoon honey
  • 10 leaves fresh coriander
  • Pinch of cracked black pepper


  • Slice the chicken bacon slice Into thin strips.
  • Warm a small frying pan and add the chicken bacon. Cook 2-4 minutes on both sides until fragrant and crispy. When cooked add 1/4 tsp honey to flavor. Set side on a plate.
  • Prepare the bread. Spread a tiny bit of coconut oil on on side of each slices.
  • Place the bread slices - coconut oil face down- on a plate.
  • Garnish on bread slice in this order : fresh goat cheese, grilled honey bacon, fresh coriander, hard goat cheese and cracked pepper.
  • Close the sandwich and toast in a sandwich maker until the cheese is fully melted and runny.
  • Serve immediately.

goat cheese sandwich


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