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6 Delicious Healthy Toast Recipes to eat for lunch. Vegan toppings with nourishing gluten free Sprouted Bread. Easy recipes ide

</iv> <p>healthy toast recipesMake your lunch simple and delicious with one of those Healthy Toast Recipes. Tasty nourishing gluten free Sprouted Seed Bread topped with plant-based protein. It is all you need to bring your work lunch at the office to the next level. If you love bread and my clean eating recipes those 6 toasts recipes ideas are for you !

Healthy toast recipes | Sprouted Seed Bread

I love toast recipes for lunch. That is not a secret: French people do loves bread – a lot ! If there is one French tradition I still strongly have is to eat bread everyday. As a child my parents get their French baguette delivered every morning. It is a sort of tradition in France. Near your post box people have another box for the bread to be delivered early in the morning. Most French bakery bake fresh bread everyday from 3 am so it is very common for French people to eat fresh hot bread for breakfast. Since I moved in New Zealand 5 years ago I tried many breads brands. I even do my own bread very often like this no-knead gluten free whole grains bread. But I must admit, it is a long process and I do love buying my bread from the store. Much easier and now that I found my favorite brand I can enjoy yummy bread everyday. healthy toast recipes

You know Bakeworks bread range is my all time favorite. Not only because it is a gluten free and dairy free bread range. But also because they use highly nutrient dense ingredient in their recipe that really fuel up your body with good stuff. But recently, my addiction for their bread gets worst. Don’t get me wrong HERE ! By worst I mean they get me so addicted that I can stop myself eating bread. Seriously,  if you don’t know the new Home Street Sprouted Bread  you are missing something. It is absolutely delicious! It has everything I love in bread. Dense, moist, crunchy seeds. WOW! very hard to tell it is actually a gluten free bread range as it taste like regular bread. Let’s look closer at the ingredients: with 6% of sprouted seeds (sunflower, sesame, amaranth) and 5% of activated seeds (Pumpkin, Linseed, Canihua, Chia) you are guarantee with a maximum nutrient absorption at each bite! Trust me, your gut will thank you for eating that bread – because, yes there is also 9.8 g of fiber/100g to help your gut easily digest it.

Easy healthy toast recipes

Now, let’s talk about how to easily prepare colorful healthy toast recipes with this lovely bread. First, you need a protein spread. Looking at the price of avocado right now it is probably not your best option. So I whip up a large batch of my simple hummus recipe, split the batch in half and process one small raw beetroot in it to make a pink hummus or make my bean dip recipe. Chickpea contains 19 g of protein per 100 g. Great protein spread for your healthy toast recipes and look at this pink color ! Does this looks beautiful ? So spread half of your toast with pink hummus and half with classic hummus.

healthy toast recipes asparagus beet

Then, choose plant-based toppings – we never eat enough veggie right? In winter, vegetables are more expensive but still cheaper than meat. And there is lots of great healthy raw winter vegetables to choose from: beetroot, carrots, radish, asparagus – I roasted them in garlic olive oil. Plus, dont’ be shy to sparingly add ‘less in season vegetables’ to balance the flavor: cucumber, sprouts and avocado are great options. Below I also added pear – the little heart on top of the radish slices. You’ll be amazed by the pear +radish combo!

healthy toast asparagus

My advice to make healthy toast recipes that are not boring is to slice your vegetables in different ways to vary the texture. Spiralize, grate, slice, diced. Whatever you choose it will makes each toast different even if it is using a similar vegetable. Here I spiralized carrots and beetroot and scoop out the avocado flesh with a teaspoon measurement tool.

healthy toast recipes

Finally, my touch is to sprinkle spices like paprika, cumin, cracked pepper or seeds and crushed nuts. Those are very simple options to add texture and flavor and makes a simple toast a feast! Below I add cashews, grapes and a combo of sesame/poppy seeds on top of the cucumber. The cucumber toast behind has crushed almonds, ground paprika and roasted chickpeas.

healthy toast recipes

I hope you enjoyed my colorful healthy toast recipes ideas. Drop me a comment with your favorite toast! If you want to WIN the new Sprouted Bread range from Home Street, check out my Facebook page !

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  1. Mmmm they all look divine, I would so love to try the hummus, sliced cucumber, spiralled carrot, Avocado, grapes and cashews with sesame seeds ?yummmmm

  2. The asparagus and radish looks Devine,actually they all do! I would love go try this bread as am on the hunt for a new gluten free option. This one looks good!!