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ice cream barAn easy & healthy ice cream bar recipe without ice cream maker and only 5 ingredients. This raspberry & coconut ice cream bar is the creamiest dairy free ice cream recipe you’ll ever made! A very satisfying treat on a hot summer day.

ice cream bar

Raspberry & Coconut ice cream bar | Vegan ice cream bar

It is so hot in Auckland right now that I could have ice cream for breakfast! Really! I always have some home made ice cream bar in my freezer during summer. I always love to try different ice cream flavours my my favourite dairy free ice cream base is coconut cream. It is what makes ice cream really creamy and smooth without ice cream makers. Of course, for a lighter option you can always use coconut milk instead of coconut cream but the texture will be more icy. I made this 5-ingredients ice cream in my food processor and then simply frost my ice cream batter into silicon bar mould. My mother in law offered me those lovely small loaf silicon mold for Christmas and I was not sure how to use them. It is actually a perfect size to make individual frozen dessert. You can find similar small loaf silicon mold here.  I also found easier to unmold ice cream bar made in silicon mold. You simply have to push them out compared to hard plastic shells where you have to use hot water to unmold the ice cream bar.

coconut ice frozen vegan treat

This recipe has been tested by many of my friends and all love it so much that I had to post it on the blog! This is a very decadent healthy treat for summer. I actually think it looks like a perfect Valentine’s day treat with it is pale pink colour. Don’t you think ???? If you make this for summer don’t forget to #sweetashoney on instagram I love seeing your pics of my recipes. Enjoy! cream bar


Raspberry & coconut ice cream bar |dairy free ice cream recipe

This recipe makes 12 ice cream bars using small silicon loaf pan. Coconut cream can be used instead of coconut cream to decrease the calories and fat but the texture will be less creamy (unless you are using an ice cream maker).
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  • In a food processor with the S blade attachment, add all the ice cream ingredients (except the coconut shell ingredients).
  • Process until it forms a pink cream with no more lumps of berries – about 1-2 minutes on medium speed.
  • Place your silicon mould onto a tray or hard surface that can be easily fitted into your freezer. As you will fill in the silicon mould with soft ice cream, the hard surface placed under the mould will make them easier to carry to the freezer.
  • Fill the silicon mold until the top. There is no need to grease the mold.
  • Place the mould into the freezer overnight or until fully freeze.
  • Prepare a plate covered with baking paper. Set aside.
  • When the ice cream are ready prepare the coconut shell.
  • In a small saucepan, under low heat melt the coconut oil, maple syrup and coconut butter. Keep stirring gently to avoid the mixture to burn. Do not microwave or the coconut butter will burn.
  • When the mixture is lukewarm and liquid transfer into a small bowl.
  • Remove the ice cream bars from the freezer and unmold by pushing the ice cream bars out of the silicon mold.
  • Place the ice cream onto the prepared plate and using a tablespoon cover the bars with the coconut liquid. As the liquid is lukewarm and the ice cream cold it should harden very quickly. If desired, sprinkle some coconut chips and frozen raspberry on the top of the ice cream bars before the coating harden. Repeat until all the bars are covered with the liquid.
  • Return the plate to the freezer until the shell has completely harden.
  • If you have some leftover of coconut shell mixture, repeat the process after the first coating has harden. The more coating you had the whiter it will be.

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