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a letter to my son to be born

Dear baby boy,

I am not sure where to start. Maybe should I tell you why Daddy and I chose to have you?

You don’t know her yet but you have an amazing big sister waiting for you outside. Actually, I think you know her.It is the tiny sharp little voice that makes you wiggle so fast in my tummy. The one that kiss my belly many times a day shushing you ‘I love you baby’.

She is the reason why you are coming to the world. I am especially looking forward to see her holding you in her arms covering you with kisses and love. She is the most caring sister you’ll ever find. She prepared your room with me, arranging all your tiny clothes and practicing on her dolls how to take care of you. With her in your life you will have lots of laugh, fun, maybe trouble too ! But that is what loving sister and brother do.

I am also very excited to be your maman tomorrow. It looks like I have been waiting for this day for ages ! Well, I must say that those past 266 days with you living inside me was pretty intense. We did not had the best starts together. You made me fell very sick for the first few weeks. I have been very angry sometimes, even mean about what I felt about you growing here. I am sorry for that baby. For not being the mum that loves feeling you stretching my belly with your little feet, cuddling my bladder at night or making my butt much bigger.

But I think you know me pretty well after those past months sharing the same body. You know I love you. I simply like my body freedom, my active life and my regular healthy meals. But we made a great team. You have been growing smoothly in there leaving mummy free to run up to 20 weeks, practicing my morning fitness and stand all day long in my kitchen cooking for this blog.

Well, in exchange I had to make some compromise on my regular diet. It was pretty hard to spend a day without our regular bacon and egg omelette loaded with cheese and avocado.  And I did not count how much meat, burger and fries I had in 9 months ! I know you have got daddy’s genetics for that.

pregnancy belly


I forget to talk about your dad. He’s a fantastic man. He has the biggest, most beautiful heart I could find. He cares so deeply about your big sister and he is the best dad to play with. I love his patience. You now I am not the best at waiting but your daddy is amazing for that. I love his energy too. He is the dad that will spend hours at a playground with you – not only looking after you but going on any slides and swings. He is the dad that never freak out and keep calm in all situation. You will feel so safe in his arms. I feel so complete living with him everyday.  With your daddy in our lives, we feel happy, safe and life is fun!  More than a dad he will be your best friend. The one who play, laugh, reassure and makes you do the craziest things too.

I can’t wait to have you in my arms baby Luka, to spend hours cuddling, nursing, sleeping with you – even few hours – and simply enjoying my whole family. I am so ready for this new challenge. I wish you are as cute and healthy as Emma, and no matter what happens we already love you.


carine claudepierre

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  1. Tres belle lettre Carine! Je vous souhaite beaucoup de bonheur à tous les 4 . Loin de chez nous , malheureusement, mais on viendra….. bises

    • Thanks Lis! I had few tears writing this letter but it will be a nice memory to read on those night where lack of sleep will drive me crazy lol Can’t wait to have a welcoming BBQ party in my home with you and the kids too!