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The ultimate low carb keto bread recipe guide

Obviously you miss bread on a keto low-carb diet. Our modern society loves breads as part of their meals.  Most breakfast tables contains bread loaf, pancakes or crepes.  Also for lunch, most of us eat a quick sandwich, a burger, a wrap or a pizza. Consequently, your brain is addicted to bread. That is the reason why it is so hard to stop bread craving on a keto diet. Luckily, it is okay to eat bread on a keto diet. Clearly it has to be a low carb bread recipe made with with nourishing low carb flours to ensure the bread won’t raise your blood sugar level or keep you out of ketosis. But we are here to give you the key to a perfect low carb bread recipe. So keep reading to learn more.

Are store-bought bread low carb?

Before we start learning how to make delicious keto bread, lets understand why you shouldn’t eat store-bought bread on a keto diet. Without a doubt they are loaded with carbs whatever they are gluten-free or not. Indeed, the main flours in store-bought breads are refined flour. It means flours that have been processed many times to remove their fiber.  Fiber is the key nutrient to slow down the absorption of carbs in food. It other words, it means that store-bought bread acts as pure white sugar in your body. Consequently, they are not allowed on a keto low carb diet as a typical bread contains around 50 g to 80 g net carb per 100 gram.

3 steps to make low carb bread

1 -Choose low carb flours

Therefore to make low carb bread you need low carb flours. Low carb flours are the key to make a delicious healthy low carb bread. But first, how do you know if a flour is low carb?  We define as low carb flours any meal or ground that contains a very low amount of net carbs. Therefore, low carb flours contains a high amount of fiber. As a general rule, we look at net carbs to define if a flour is suitable for a low-carb diet. It should be noted that net carbs are the amount of carbs per 100 grams of product takeaway fiber. As a general rule, any flours with less than 21 grams of net carbs per 100 grams is considered low-carb.

The table below list the most common low carb flours for baking bread (data from nutrition data*).  Moreover, keep in mind that regular white wheat flour, is not low-carb and contains 73 g net carb per 100 g. The table below list the most common low-carb keto flours, all gluten-free.

Low Carb Keto Flours

2- Combine the flours

Unlike traditional baking, low-carb baking required to combine flours to create the most delicious bread texture. Obviously, you will find keto bread recipes that use only one flour. However those recipes use a huge amount of eggs to compensate the texture of the bread. As a result, those keto breads recipe have a egg flavor, don’t store very long and can be seen as cake-like bread.

  • Almond flour or hazelnut flour – perfect to create moist bread with a soft texture. If used on its own with eggs almond flour bread have a cake-like texture
  • Coconut flour – perfect to add fiber and bulk to bread. However, coconut flour contains lots of fiber 37 g per 100 grams. Consequently it absorb lots of moisture in recipe and can dry bread quickly if you don’t use enough eggs or water in the recipe.
  • Psyllium husk – perfect to replace eggs and create egg-free keto bread. Husk bind ingredients together and add the chewy elastic texture we all love in bread.
  • Flaxmeal or chia seed meal add elasticity to bread. It should be use in small amount around 1/3 cup per bread loaf
  • Sunflower seed flour or pumpkin seed flour are great  substitute to almond flour if you are allergic to nuts. They can’t be use in same ratio as almond meal but add the same properties to bread
  • Peanut flour is delicious in desserts and a great way to add peanut butter flavor to muffins, cookies or loaf

To conclude the best way to make low carb bread recipe is to combine the flours. It will avoid the use of eggs and result in a bread-like texture with no eggy taste.

3- Be precise, weight your ingredients

Low carb baking is not hard but it use high fiber flours that are highly water absorbent. As a result, if you don’t measure your ingredients precisely your bread dough can easily result as too wet or too dry. I recommend you use an electronic scale for success.

A wide range of low carb bread recipe

There is a wide range of low carb bread that you can make using low carb flours including:

  • Bread loaf – bread that can be sliced and used as a sandwich base. It doesn’t includes fruits or sweets
  • Bread rolls – bun, short, round, served usually before or with meals often with butter
  • Crepes – extremely thin pancakes popular in France for breakfast or dessert. Usually served with jam, nut butter or cream.
  • Flatbread, wraps and tortillas – bread that is flat in shape, often round, elastic, soft to roll food as a sandwich or serve as a side to curry.
  • Crackers – a baked crispy savory biscuits usually served on appetizers platters with cheese or meat

20 + keto bread recipes with no eggy flavor

While many people believe keto bread must use eggs, it is not true. Not only egg free keto bread taste amazing but also they are as low in carbs as  low carb bread made with eggs. So there is no obligation to use egg in keto bread recipes. Therefore most of  the low carb bread recipes below are plant-based keto recipes meaning they don’t use eggs or dairy.

Low carb bread rolls and buns

Low carb bread rolls can be use as a side dish bread or to make burgers, sandwich on the go.

Egg-free Keto Bread loaf Keto vegan

An egg-free keto bread loaf for sandwich or brekfast toast. Net carb per slice: 2.6 g


Keto bread rolls  Keto Vegan

Crispy crust, soft chewy center those keto bread rolls are egg free and made with a trio of low carb flours and no eggs :  almond flour, coconut flour and psyllium husk. They makes perfect sides rolls for any dishes or small burger bunsNet carbs: 4.7 g per roll

Keto bread rolls

Microwave keto bread  Keto Vegan

A crusty 90 seconds low carb bread roll for busy mornings, no mug needed! If you are missing the texture of Artisan bread, that is what you need. Net carbs: 1.4 g per bread

Microwave keto bread artisan bread style

Avocado oopsie bread Keto

Oopsie bread is a very popular low carb bread recipe made of fluffy white egg and sour cream. This avocado oopsie bread recipe is 100% dairy free using mashed avocado instead of sour cream to boost your healthy fat intake. It is a soft melt in your mouth bread, perfect to make burger buns.  Net carbs : 1.5 g per bun


Burger buns Keto Vegan

A delicious burger bun recipe with no eggs. Net carbs per large buns: 6.4 g

Low carb burger buns KETO + VEGAN

Low carb flatbread, wraps and tortillas

Low carb naan bread Keto vegan

Delicious to eat with indin food especially a indian Tikka Masala curry. Net carb: 3.5 g 


Coconut flour flatbread Keto Vegan

A soft, flexible flatbread with a texture similar to naan bread. Delicious to serve as a side to Indian curry or roll any food for a lunch sandwich wrap. Net carbs: 2.6 g per flatbread

Coconut flour flatbread keto low carb gluten free

Flaxseed wraps Keto Vegan

A simple 3 ingredients low carb wrap recipe to use as a sandwich wrap for any lunch on the go.  Net carbs: 1.2 g per serve.

Flaxseed Wraps keto

Almond Flour tortillas Keto Vegan

Made with 5 simple ingredients those low carb flatbread will make the best base for your Mexican taco night.  Net carbs: 3.2 g per serve

almond flour tortillas keto vegan

Spinach taco shells Keto

A soft cheesy taco shell made with 4 simple ingredients and packed with low carb vegetable. A perfect shell for taco night. Net carbs: 1.3 g per shell

Spinach taco shells

Low Carb crepes & pancakes

Crepes are sort of thin pancakes that can be eaten for breakfast or dessert.  It is a very popular French recipe used as a light dinner too filled with melted cheese – emmental, ham and topped with a fried egg.

Almond flour crepes Keto 

A delicious thin crepes that taste like real French crepes. Delicious filled with melted cheese, ham or sugar free chia seed jam. Net carbs: 3.8 g per crepe

Almond Flour Crepes contains only 3.8 g net carbs per crepes. Easy 4 ingredients recipes with eggs, almond flour, coconut oil and cinnamon. Best Low carb dairy free crepes. Gluten free and sugar free. Paleo crepes.

Coconut flour crepes keto

Made a 100% with coconut flour, those thin crispy crepes makes a delicious low carb sugar free dessert or sweet breakfast filled with coconut cream and fresh raspberries.  Net carbs: 1.2 g per crepe

Coconut flour crepes

Almond flour pancakes keto

Made with almond flour and eggs, this easy 5 ingredients keto pancake recipe is ready in less than 15 minutes. Net carb per pancake: 2.6 g


Pumpkin crepes keto

Made of coconut flour, almond meal and pumpkin puree those crepes makes a delicious low carb fall breakfast. Perfect on Thanksgiving filled with coconut cream and toasted pecan.  Net carbs: 3.1 g per crepe

pumpkin crepes low carb

Low carb crackers and chips

Crackers are very popular in New Zealand in UK. They are served as an appetizer with cheese and cured meat.

Flaxseed crackers with Garlic, Rosemary and sesame seeds

A crispy cracker delicious as a snack or appetizer to dip in a simple avocado dip or cover with soft cheese. Net carbs: 0.5 g per crackers

Flaxseed crackers

Low Carb tortillas chips with chia seeds

A delicious crispy tortilla chip made with almond flour and chia seeds. No eggs, 100% vegan and dairy free nachos ready in 20 minutes.  Net carbs : 0.4 g per chips

Low Carb Tortillas Chips

Almond flour crackers Vegan Keto

The best crunchy addition to your food latter. Spread some cheese or butter on top ! Net carbs per cracker: 0.8 g

Almond Flour Crackers

Low carb bread

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