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Low carb milkshakeLow carb milkshake, an easy sugar free almond milk chocolate shake with peanut butter, ice cubes and stevia. 

Low carb milkshake – Sugar free almond milk shake

Low carb Chocolate Peanut milkshake I LOVE you ! You know I have been sugar free for 5 years now right? Well, I had few break, I won’t lie to you ! I tried few dried fruits sweetened dessert but it doesn’t work for my body. Even the most natural options like dates, banana trigger sweet cravings and I enter in a loop of overeating sugar again ! I have been a sugar addict, a pre diabetic and I can’t have anything else than sugar free sweetener anymore. So this is my low carb milkshake, a delicious creamy frosty chocolate shake made of few simple ingredients.

Low carb milkshake


Simple 7 ingredients protein shake

All you need to make this delicious low carb chocolate shake are few natural ingredients.

low carb milkshake

  • Peanut butter – you can use any nut butter you like. I made this low carb milkshake many times, others options that I love are cashew butter, coconut butter or almond butter.
  • Unsweetened almond milk – or unsweetened vanilla almond milk for a hint vanilla flavor. I am using Almond breeze my favorite low carb sugar free almond milk brand for 5 years now.
  • Unsweetened cocoa powder – or you can use already stevia sweetened coca powder for a sweeter sugar free milkshake
  • Chia seed – I won’t avoid them, they thicken the milkshake and adds protein
  • Coconut yogurt – I used full fall dairy free coconut yogurt. Other options are full fat Greek Yogurt or canned coconut cream.
  • Sugar free crystal sweetener – I love to use Monk fruit crystal sweetener but you can also replace this by 1-2 drops of liquid stevia
  • Ice cubes

low carb milkshake

Snack or breakfast

Honestly, I am having this Chocolate Peanut butter milkshake anytime of the day. I love it for breakfast after a run to reload my body with protein – 9 g per milkshake – and it is refreshing. It is also a delicious treat in the afternoon during summer or a great dessert alternative to my chia seed chocolate peanut butter pudding. 

Low carb milkshake

Enjoy the low carb milkshake recipe.

xoxo Carine


Low carb milkshake

Low carb milkshake

Low carb milkshake, an easy sugar free almond milk chocolate shake with peanut butter, ice cubes and stevia. 
Prep Time: 5 mins
Total Time: 5 mins
Author: Carine
1 milkshake
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  • In a blender, add all the ingredients and blend until smooth and frosty. I always starts with 3/4 cup ice cubes blend and adjust regarding how frosty I want my milkshake.
  • Taste and adjust sweetness with extra tablespoon of erythritol or stevia drops. Blend few seconds to combine and serve.
  • Serve immediately with a drizzle of melted sugar free chocolate, peanut butter, a dollop of yogurt and chopped peanuts.
Nutrition Facts
Low carb milkshake
Amount Per Serving (1 milkshake)
Calories 290 Calories from Fat 167
% Daily Value*
Fat 18.6g29%
Carbohydrates 17.1g6%
Fiber 7.4g31%
Sugar 2.9g3%
Protein 16.9g34%
Net Carbs 9.7g
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

This recipe serve 1 low carb milkshake. Nutrition panel is for 1 milkshake.

This recipe is sponsored by Almond Breeze Made from the best California Almonds and I received a compensation to develop this recipe but note that I only recommend product I love and trust on this blog. Thank you.


Low Carb Keto Milkshake

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    • I am sorry to hear that the sweetness wasn’t to your palate. We all have different sweet tooth and that is why the recipe states that you have to adjust sweetness with as much stevia drops as you like. The recipe suggest a minimum sweetness that is easily adjusted with few extra drops of liquid stevia or pinch of erythritol. It has nothing to do with the cocoa powder. If you decrease cocoa powder your milkshake won’t have cocoa flavor at all. Also, you shouldn’t add ice cream as this will change the texture and if not sugar free it will adds up carbs and sugar. I hope you try the recipe again following those tips and enjoy your keto drink! XOXO Carine.

  1. 5 stars
    I substituted almond butter for peanut butter, heavy cream for yogurt, and used swerve as my sweetener and this came out perfect! Thank you! I really needed something sweet!

    • My pleasure ! We all deserve something sweet on keto right? Enjoy the keto baking recipes on the blog. XOXO Carine.