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    To monitor your weight loss, keep photos of before/after

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    Beyond our Macro Calculators, we'll bring many tools such as BMI calculator, Body Fat calculators and many more!

  • In Recipe Macros

    With YOUR macros calculated in all recipes, see how one serving affects your daily Net Carbs, Fat and Protein intake!

  • Free Ebooks and Printables

    Access to premium ebooks and exclusive keto printables to help you with your baking.


"I love the Macro Calculation that you've added in the recipes, it makes it so simple to find out how many servings I can really have!"
Sandra F.


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Calculate your macros. In the recipe card and on your meal plans

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  • Review your progress
  • Set a weight target
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Make Keto simple

Let’s face it, the Keto diet is not super simple, especially for beginners.

Since what really matters on a keto diet is to stay in ketosis, it is essential to know what it means for you. 

You need to know what YOUR macros are!

Calculating that is hard. And then having to figure out how EACH recipe affects your macros is harder. 

Let me make that simpler for you!

My Macros
Recipe Macros

Your macros

Make the whole Sweetashoney website YOURS.

Each recipe has a section that calculates how one serving affects the macros that you have calculated.

It shows for one serving how much of the following it covers:

  • Net Carbs Intake
  • Fat Intake
  • Protein Intake


"Having macros right in the recipe cards saves so much time!"
Amanda R.

Weight tracker

Track your weight, see your progress.

Watch how much of your target you have achieved.

If you want to keep a visual history, save photos of you before and during your Keto journey!


"I want to be able to track my weight and have recipes all in the same place, it's just so convenient to find all that there 😀"
Jessica-Mary R.

your meal plans

Build your own Meal Plans from the 300+ recipes on Sweetashoney.

Create a regular Meal Plan, or an Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan.

Make it for one day, one week or even one month, there is no limit!

Adjust the recipes to meet your macros.


"Finding a meal plans that works for me online is a struggle. I needed an app where I can customize everything. I've found it!!"
Jodie P.

Printables and more!

Get a bunch of free printables to help you on your Keto Journey!

Conversion charts, Shopping lists, Recipe binder, and many, many more!

A collection of easy, simple tools to help you on your keto diet and in your kitchen!



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This helps us build awesome features on the website to give back!

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