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Polenta Egg Bowl


Polenta Egg Bowl

What I found really hard since I am a stay-home-mum is to cook for myself. I love cooking for others but I am losing motivation when I am alone. Today I was back to the GP because even if I changed my diet I am still feeling dizzy. He clearly said that I have to eat more often, small and quick meal, rich in vitamins and slow release carb. So my lunch today has been a freestyle inspiration from what I had on my kitchen.

I still had a half cook boiled egg from yesterday night and that is where I started. Then I followed my instinct and the rules of healthy meal: 1/4 protein, 1/4 carbs, 1/2 vegetables with a preference for green leafy vegetables. So then I chose 2 green vegetables in my fridge, my choice has been on broccoli and baby spinach (again a leftover from yesterday !). Finally I chose polenta as a carb only because it took few minutes to cook.

DSC_0013 picmonkey

The recipe has been really simple and took me only 10 minutes to achieve a balance plate.

DSC_0005 picmonkey

I boiled water, add 1/4 cup of polenta + the chopped spinach. I cooked 2 minutes and let aside in a bowl until the polenta get thick. Meanwhile I grilled raw broccoli on a pan with olive oil. Then I add the broccoli on the bowl and I broken the cold egg in the middle. I also added some linseed for the crunch. It was really simple but quick and healthy. Of course I could have add some spices but today was lazy day. I just wanted to eat quick but healthy.

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  1. Hey there! Its really nice to find someone else living in New Zealand posting such great recipes! This polenta bowl looks beautiful, and the egg is a wonderful rich orange! thank you for the recipe!! from Laura 🙂

    • Hi Laura. Thanks for your nice comment! I would love to met more NZ foodblogger one day ! I am going to your blog right now 🙂