Ultimate Keto Wellness Bundle: Beginner + Advanced Meal Plan

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This bundle contains

  • the Keto Wellness Program for Beginners
  • the Easy 14-day Keto Meal Plan for Beginners
  • the Advanced 14-day Meal Plan with Intermittent Fasting

It’s the ultimate bundle to supercharge your Keto Wellness Journey!

It is a single-payment – no recurring costs.

  • Easy Tasty Keto Recipes

    We’ve put together great, simple, tasty, and easy-to-make Keto recipes.
    There’s a variety of flavors and tastes to keep the weeks interesting.
    They come with clear instructions and simple nutrition panels

  • Meal Prep with Instructions

    All the recipes come with meal prep instructions.
    Pre-cooking your vegetables the day before or making ahead a full day of meals has never been so easy.

  • Shopping Lists

    Buy all your ingredients at once, with easy printables that you can tick as you find the goods!

  • Week Plans

    Keep things simple!
    A view of all the meals for the week helps you keep track of what to prep, what to eat, and what to expect.

  • Specific Tips and Tricks

    Did you just start keto?
    Learn all the Keto basics in the Keto Diet Program Do you want to do Intermittent Fasting but don’t know how to start?
    Kick start your Intermittent Fasting with the Advanced Keto Meal Plan

    Detailed plans

    Detailed Meal Planners

    The meal plans come with detailed planners for each week.

    These planners give you quick info on:

    • What to prepare and when
    • What to eat
    • How many carbs you’ll get that day
    • How many calories you’ll take

    They are directly linking the recipes, so no more scrolling!

    Print these to put on your fridge to get a good idea of progress!

    Full Shopping Lists

    The meal plans all have shopping lists that are easy to print.

    These shopping lists contain all the ingredients – for both weeks together in some meal plans or for either week.

    Ingredients are listed in convenient units that you should be able to find in-store and are organized by sections.

    Plus the list is made with tickable bullets, so just print it and head to your local store!

    Snack lists!

    Snacking might be very important in your wellness journey.

    Sometimes, a snack is the one thing that can keep you going on your day.

    In each meal plan, you’ll find a handy list of snacks that you can have on your wellness journey and that shouldn’t take you out of ketosis.

    Detailed Recipes

    All our meal plans are made with recipes you know and love.

    This means they are easy, fool-proof, and have been made many, many times before.

    These recipes are not necessarily the same that you can find on Sweetashoney, they might have additional or different ingredients as they are tailored specifically for each meal plan.

    In each recipe, you’ll find:

    • Ingredients
    • Instructions
    • A quick nutrition panel
    • How many portions the recipe makes
    • How many portions you’re meant to eat each meal
    • Tickboxes for the days in the plan when you are meant to eat the meal

    Printer-friendly or tablet-friendly

    All the meal plans have simple, elegant styling.

    They are easy and quick to load on your tablet or even on your phone.

    But should you choose to print them, they are made to not use too much ink!

    You can also choose to only print specific pages, like the shopping lists and planner sections!


4 reviews for Ultimate Keto Wellness Bundle: Beginner + Advanced Meal Plan

  1. Cindy

    5 stars
    These two meal plans are great, I’ve lost 12 pounds after the first 14 day one.

  2. Marie Blavier (verified owner)

    5 stars
    The 14-day Keto meal plan is perfect! It is serious and easy to follow, with the preparation tasks and the shopping list. Delicious recipes with simple and fresh ingredients. I am not hungry or frustrated and lose weight! The plan I was waiting for so long! I wish there were more plans than the two available ones, it is so much easier with a complete plan designed for one person with the adapted macros.

  3. Cynthia (verified owner)

    Oh my, this package has turned my life around. Easy and simple, I always felt well fed 😁.
    Result: I’ve lost 20 pounds over 6 weeks (I did the first meal plan twice).

  4. Lance B.

    Definitely works as advertised or better. Could we have another meal plan to vary the recipes?

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