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Raw Brownie Bars

Raw Brownie Bars

I tested a new recipe today coming from the lovely blog of thehealthychef. You can find the recipe here . I strictly followed the instructions and it comes perfect except I do not really like the salty flavour added by the sea salt.

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So I would recommend to avoid it if you are a sweet tooth like me.

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As I have a new diet to follow I really need to inspire my baking from talented nutritionist. This raw brownie really taste like a cocoa brownie except it is more crunchy because of the almonds. I would prefer to say it is a date almond square with a pinch of cocoa. But really it is a lovely recipe made in 10 minutes and even my 13 months baby girl loves it. I am so glad that my new diet does not impact my girl. And actually I am proud to learn new recipes and a new life style as I will keep her away from nasty sugar.

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