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Apricot Pistachio Bars

Sugar free. Sugar free. If I would have know that Sugar free baking would have been so yum I would bake them earlier !

a (221) picI found this recipe in a French baking recipe book I have got home. It is usually using 70g of white sugar and I chose to use 4 tablespoon of Equal Natural Stevia Sweetener instead. Someone told me that my instruction was a bit blurry so I will try to give you more explanation below.

a (201) pic

These square are really easy to make. What you have to remember is it is a 2 steps recipe with 2 baking steps.

  • First you prepare the slice crust, you bake it and let cool down. This is how it looks like before you bake it. I used oat flakes here but almond meal is working as well – my friend did it with almond meal.

crust before

  • Then you firmly press the apricot, pistachio, flour and eggs mix onto the baked crust and return into the oven. This how it looks when the egg mixture is pressed onto the baked crust, ready for the second baking.


This is a picture of how you make the eggs, flour, pistachio and apricot mixture. On the left it is before mixing on the right you see it is forming a nice sticky paste ready to be pressed onto the baked crust.

egg mix c

They are really nice and make you feel full with a small quantity.

DSC_0096 pic

The texture is chewy as the dried apricot melt in the oven but also crunchy as the whole pistachio give a nice crunch to the square.

a (199) pic

Next time I will try this recipe with dried figs but I am sure it could work well with any kind of dry fruits like prunes or raisins.

DSC_0070 pic

A last picture to motivate you to go in the kitchen and prepare these little sunshine right now.

My tips for this recipe will be :

  • Use fresh dried apricot. The recipe do not use sugar and if you want to make sure that the top of the slice stick to the crust the apricot have to release lots of fructose while baking. If they are too dry it won’t work
  • Do not hesitate to adjust the egg mixture with 1-2 tablespoon of fresh water if it is too crumbly. This mixture has to stick together and form a paste. The water can help the chopped apricot to get sticky.
  • Use your hand and press firmly at both steps. You have to avoid air between pistachio to make sure it does not fall apart when you cut it.

Steps by steps

PicMonkey Collage text


DSC_0006 pic


Sugar-Free Apricot & Pistachio Square
Recipe Type: Square
Cuisine: Inspiration
Author: SweetAsHoneyNZ
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 6
Oatmeal Apricot Pistachio Bars
  • Slice crust:
  • 50 g rolled oats
  • 140 g all purpose flour or spelt flour
  • 130 g butter
  • 2 tablespoon of natural sweetener powder
  • Slice top:
  • 200 g of dried apricot
  • 100 g pistachio
  • 50 g of white flour
  • 2 eggs size 6
  • 4 tablespoon of natural sweetener powder
  1. Preheat oven at 180C.
  2. In a bowl prepare the sugar free crust by handmixing soft butter, sweetener, all purpose flour and oat flakes (or almond powder).
  3. You obtain a ball f dough a bit crumbly so press the dough with your finger onto a square mould of 20 cm covered with baking paper.
  4. Baked for 15 minutes.
  5. Meanwhile chopped the dried apricot and mix them in bowl with whole pistachio, sweeteners, white flour and eggs.
  6. You can add few tablespoon of water to the egg mix if it is too dry. The aim is to have a sticky mix easy to press onto the baked crust.
  7. Spread the egg mixture onto the baked crust and press with your finger to have a compact slice.
  8. Return in the oven for 20 minutes.
  9. Cool down before cutting into square or it will fall apart.
  10. Store until 6 days into a metallic box.

This recipe post is participating to the monthly link up party foodblogger Our Growing Edge hosted by the lovely foodblog of Eva from Kitchen Inspiration.


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    • Hi Kris,
      As I said in the instructions I combine the dried apricots and pistachios to form the second layer of this slice. I hope this helps! This is a delicious recipe 🙂 Enjoy. Carine.

  1. Wow this looks delicious! I Love apricots and pistachios but would have never thought to put them together. I love making sugar free goodies as well, they are so tasty! I know you have already entered this into the my growing edge linkup however I am hosting the Sweet NZ linkup this month if you would like to enter this (or any other) sweet recipes 🙂

    • It was really delicious you should try this recipe Amanda. I will have a look to the Sweet NZ. I do not have much time to blog today I am leaving for France within 48 h and my luggage are still waiting to be made 🙂