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The Anti Jetlag Diet in 5 Steps


The Anti Jetlag DietI am so excited to be back home – in France – for my sister wedding. I will stay 2 weeks there and I can not wait to meet all my family at the wedding night.  I am living in New Zealand for 3 years now and I am not going back home very often as it is a really long and expensive flight. It took 35 hours to reach my countryside village in East of France. I know it sounds crazy to travel for so long. But this place is so beautiful. I am coming from East of France from the Vosges Alsace region. My city has only 2,000 people. It is a peaceful place really green and natural. I would have love to leave there if I could but unfortunately there is not a lot of work in small city. So I had to move and live in big place like Lyon, Lille, Troyes. That is how I finally decided to move in New Zealand. You have got the benefit to leave near a big city but it is still calm, green and safe. I also love the architecture of my city – all countryside French city are actually beautiful. The houses looks so ‘old’, the shape are so unsual  and there is a story hidden inside each building.

east france

So back to my article now. I told you in my last post about My Anti Jet Lag diet trial on this trip. I have to tell you this is MY anti Jet Lag Diet as a diabetic. I read many articles that recommended really complicated diet changes 3 or 5 days before flying but I am convinced that it is more the 24 hours before and the first day of arrival that will make your body adapt to the time change. 

The 5 rules of the Anti Jet Lag Diet

  • Have a light meal the day before flying. I read that the supper has to be rich in carbohydrates to help your body fall asleep. Well, easy to say but not so easy in practice for a diabetic. So that is why I opted for a Pumpkin & Potatoes purée.By adding almost half potatoes in this recipe I increased my carb intake from 1/3 to 1/2. It is usually not fine for diabetic but it was ok for one night. Potatoes brought the carb I needed for a good night. Potatoes are rich in carbs – high in starch – which means that our body transform potato carbs really quickly into sugar.  The green salad I had with this puree balanced the total carb and sugar release on my blood sugar. I felt fine. I slept well. APPROVED!
  • Have a high protein breakfast. Protein keep our stomach full and activate the body for the day. As I left home at 1.00 pm on Wednesday –  my flight was at 5.00 pm – I had a spinach and egg omelette at 10.00 am. I could have eat this earlier but I am not a big fan of salty breakfast so I postpone my breakfast. The good point with that choice was: I felt full until 2.00 pm. Then I had a few salmon and avocado sushi at the airport. APPROVED!
  • Move your body and drink lots of water. This one was my own idea. After few long trip like this one I came up to the conclusion that lots of fresh air and a light physical activity before being stuck in a plane for 30 hours is just GOOD!   I also read – for diabetic –  that a 15 minutes walk after breakfast will help your body regulate sugar level. So in any case it was a good point. I choose to go for a 30 minutes walk with my baby in the pushchair. This was probably one of my favourite best practice out of the 5 I listed here. My legs were lighter in the plane. No blood stream problem this time. No need of ugly socks to avoid swallow ankles. I probably did 6 travels superior at 30 hours and each time I was having blood stream problem in the plane. Now I am sure it was because I did not move enough before the trip and my blood stream was not activated. So this time I opted for prevention and it worked well. APPROVED!
  • Confirm your Dietary Requirement. I booked my diabetic meals on the plane. I just entered my diet information on the flight company website. This way no risk of extra sugar in my plate. The meal were well balanced no sugar added. Perfect. The only thing that I did not like was that all the meals include fish. I was really bored to have fish at each meal. I do not why they design the menu like that. Diabetes diet can include any kind of protein. I have been served before everyone so I double loved this initiative. Gosh! I will almost love to be a diabetic one day. APPROVED!
  • Fasting 12/16 hours before the breakfast time on arrival in France. I read this tips on a food blog I really trust link here: Chocolate & Zucchini foodblog. It says that fasting can help your body to recover from Jet Lag by resetting the clock. I was curious to see if it works. Before I tell you more this is a recap of my trip. APPROVED!

My trip was about 35 hours long.

  • Auckland to Brisbane – about 4 hours by plane
  • Brisbane to Dubai – about 16.5 hours by plane
  • Dubai to Paris – about 6.5 h by plane
  • Stop of 4 hours stop in Paris
  • Paris – Colmar4 hours by train 
  • Colmar to my little city in Plainfaing – 30 minutes by car

I started fasting in the train at 3.00 pm. I arrived at 10.00 pm in my place and I felt overtired. I was hungry too – or maybe the smell of my mum French cooking was really tempting – but I did not eat. I had a almost nice sleep – baby woke up 2 times. In the morning I was starving. I break the fasting with a lovely Breakfast. Not a butter croissant but a crusty baguette and butter. I felt sleepy in the afternoon as usual. The only thing I found easier was for my stomach. I usual have an upset stomach after a long flight and this time my body adapt well to food. No starving in the middle of day and an easy digestion after each meal. So thanks again to Chocolate and zucchini for the fasting article. I am sure it helped me to be good today and to wrote this article.

jetlag image plus text

Tomorrow it is my Sister Wedding so I have to leave the blog for a while now. I will be back on Monday, Paris time.


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