The 10 Biggest Keto Myths


Actually, what makes people gain weight is always eating too much. Eating more fats (and fiber) and less sugar allows people on a keto diet to feel full faster, eating fewer calories overall.

Myth 1

Eating Fat Makes You Fat

No! Eating more fats, protein, and fibers make you feel full faster, but if you eat too much fat, the result will be the same as too much sugar. Your body will find a way to use and store excess fat.

On Keto You Can Eat As Much Fat As You Want

Myth 2

Far from it! Keto was originally a way to manage seizures and as a therapy for epilepsy. It's only later that doctors discovered that it was a great way to lose weight without feeling hungry.

Keto Is Only For People Who Want To Lose Weight

Myth 3

There are many meat options when eating keto, but there are so many low-carb vegetables and bread recipes available that you really don't have to eat meat! In fact, many people follow a vegetarian keto diet.

You Will Only Eat Meat On A Keto Diet

Myth 4

Not at all! Fasting can help, in particular after the body has adapted to months of ketosis. But, in particular initially, fasting is not necessary to lose weight.

You Can't Lose Weight On Keto  Without Fasting

Myth 5

If you do that, you will not only not lose weight, but potentially endanger your health. The Keto Diet only works by being in ketosis which can take a few days. Having frequent cheat meals will keep your carbs high.

I Can Do Keto For A Day Or Two And Have A Cheat Meal

Myth 6

Actually, there are keto-friendly options at almost all fast-food chains. Sometimes, they require a bit of tweaking, removing an ingredient or two, but at least you can enjoy a meal with your friends or family.

You Can't Eat Anything At Fast-Food Joints On Keto

Myth 7

The Keto Flu is a collection of symptoms often associated with starting on a keto diet. But they are completely avoidable, in particular, if you follow a number of simple tips and tricks!

No Matter What You Do, You Will Have The Keto Flu

Myth 8

You can get sick with any diet. It all depends on what you put on your plate! The Keto Diet  does come with some potential risks, but all are manageable!

Keto Will Make You Sick (Kidney Failure, etc.)

Myth 9

There are actually some world-class athletes on a keto diet. You will have to change your exercise routine, especially at the beginning while your body adapts to its new normal. But once it's over the line, you'll be able to find your pace!

You Can't Workout On A Keto Diet.

Myth 10