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zucchini frittersThose 5-ingredients zucchini fritters are one of the simplest fulfilling dinner you can prepare for you family this summer. If you like crispy fried food this recipe is the one you need.  My toddler love zucchini fritters cold, it tends to be softer but she loves eating them for afternooo tea. I like to eat mine hot and crispy for dinner topped with fresh greek yoghurt, herbs or chilli.

gluten free zucchini fritterThis simple zucchini fritter recipe is made with buckwheat flour with give them a super crispy texture when fried in olive oil. Buckwheat flour is a gluten free flour rich in fibre and very fulfilling compared to white flour.

2 It has a nutty flour that goes very well with zucchini and it create a thick zucchini batter meaning that you do not have to use much eggs to create firm fritters. I love eggs but I am always felling ‘guilty’ to eat too much eggs. So buckwheat flour is great to thicken any batter and replace a part of eggs in a recipe.


Look at those shinny fritters! I choose to keep the zucchini skin on to increase fibre and it also give a lovely green colour to the fritter. There is many ways to alter this recipe. You can add 1/4 cup fresh minced herbs in the batter or grated cheese if you like. I also do not salt the batter as I prefer to adjust salt on my plate if needed but it is really up to you. Others variations I love are sweet potatoes fritters, carrot fritters or mixing different vegetables like parsnip and carrot or zucchini and sweet potatoes. What is yours favorite fritters? Tell me a bit more about your recipe we all have one !

Bon appetit

carine claudepierre


Zucchini fritters

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  • 3 1/2 cup zucchini washed, not peeled, extremity removed 530 g grated zucchini.)
  • 2 eggs size 6
  • 2/3 cup 115g Buckwheat Flour
  • 100 ml almond milk 1/2cup
  • 1 brown onion grated
  • Optional : 1/4 cup minced fresh parsley
  • Olive oil to fry


  • Wash the zucchini and using a sharp knife remove the extremity.. Discard them.
  • Place the zucchini into a food processor with the grater attachment and process until you obtain 3 1/2 cup of grated zucchini. If you do not have a food processor you can simply use a Box Grater. Box grater are great as the box gather the grated vegetable as you go.
  • Squeeze the grated zucchini in your hands firmly to extract the water. This is really important to ensure crispy fritters. You can also squeeze the grated vegetable into a clean towel or absorbent paper.
  • Place the grated zucchini onto a bowl and combine with a finely diced brown onion. Set aside.
  • In another bowl, place the almond milk, eggs and buckwheat four. Whisk until thick and smooth, liquid a pancake batter.
  • Pour the flour mixture onto the grated zucchini and combine with a spoon to coat the grated zucchini with the fritter batter. If too liquid add 1 ot 2 extra tablespoon of buckwheat flour. it could happens if you did not dry the zucchini really well or your eggs are slighltly bigger than size 6.
  • Place 1-2 tablespoon of olive oil into a frying pan.
  • Warm oil under medium heat and spoon the zucchini fritter batter using a cookie scoop to shape fritter of same size. I used a scoop like this one : a medium cookie scoop.
  • Flatten with a fork to form a pattie of 0.5 cm thickness.
  • Fry 2-3 minutes on each sides until crispy and golden.
  • Place each cooked fritter onto a plate covered with absorbent paper to absorb the extra cooking oil while you fry the following fritters.
  • Serve hot with a green salad or cold in kids lunch box.
zucchini fritters gluten free dairy free

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  1. Hi! I have a picture of your Pesto Chilli Hummus but I can’t find the recipe. Is it possible to get it from you? Thanks!

  2. Hi Carine, Thanks for your recipe. I’ve just made them and while the texture came up good I’m not a big fan of the after taste of the buckwheat flour. May try another flour next time maybe almond flour or maybe a garlic type o f dipping sauce might help.

    • Hi Brooke, I agree Buckwheat flour has a strong earthy taste but still a very healthy choice! You can try the recipe with brown rice flour to keep it gluten free and high in fibre or simply wholemeal flour (if you tolerate gluten). I am not sure about almond flour though. It contains less fibre than buckwehat flour and the texture of the fritters will tend to be runnier and difficult to cook. Or maybe try 1/3 almond flour for 2/3 buckwheat flour ! But yes a garlic yogurt like tzatziki dip or guacamole on top will be a great addition to those zucchini fritters. Let me know when you try them again ! I am curious to read what you experience as a flour ! Have a great day. Carine.

  3. About how many do these make? I’m only making them for me and don’t want to end up with like 15 fritters haha!

    • Ahahah! well you may have to half the recipe then. I made 10 medium size fritters (15 cm diameter) with this recipe. However, you can easily bake them all, store the leftover in the fridge and rewarm the next day in a frying pan for dinner or even breakfast ! It is delicious topped with poached eggs and salmon! Enjoy ! Carine.

  4. Love the recipe! I want to make these for super bowl and was wondering how close to the time I actually fry them can I make the batter?
    Can I assemble all the ingredients and put them together at the last minute?
    Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Elizabeth! It is a great healthy food idea for the superbowl! I also like to shape small fritters and serve them as an appetizer that we dip into guacamole or hummus. Those fritter are tasty hot or cold. So you have got two options. You can fry them ahead and serve them cold or fry them 15 minutes before the game begins to serve them hot. For the batter you can easily prepare the batter ahead let is say until 4-5 hours before and leave it in the mixing bowl in the fridge – make sure you cover the bowl with wrapping paper to avoid the batter to dry. Then, 30/45 minute before the game shape all the fritters. I would recommend to cover few plates with parchment paper and lay down each prepared fritter on the plates – no need to store in the fridge as you will fry them within 30 minutes. This way all the fritters are ready to be fry at the time and serve hot before game starts. The best will be to fry them using few frying pan to fry the most as you can at the same time and serve as much fritters as you like together.

      I will also suggest a last option that could probably be the best (to me!) to serve them hot without being stuck in the kitchen before game time. I would actually fry them all after making the better – so 4/5 hours before the game! Store them on plates covered with absorbent paper to remove the extra oil. Then, 15 minutes before the game starts rewarms the fritters in the oven at 180C. Place them on a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper and rewarm until crispy.Make sure you arrange them in such a way that they do not overlap. This option works well too. They will be less crispy but it is a good idea too.

      I hope those tips will help! Let me know how it goes!

      Enjoy ! Carine.