Dips Recipes

These dip recipes are easy and tasty ways of creating healthy, simple dips at home.

What Are Dips?

Dips are a type of food typically served as an accompaniment to other foods, often as an appetizer.

They are usually served cold or at room temperature and are made by mixing together a variety of ingredients, such as cheese, cream, herbs, and spices.

Dips can be served with crackers, bread, vegetables, and chips. They are often considered party food and are a popular choice for events such as game nights, picnics, and potlucks.

Are All Dips Keto-Friendly?

Many commercial dips are not keto-friendly.

Some dips are made with high-carb ingredients or even sugar.

So to make keto-friendly dips, it’s essential to follow a keto recipe.

Are All Dips Healthy?

Not all dip recipes are healthy.

Many dips are made with highly-processed food and with pure sugar.

To make a healthy dip, pick one of the recipes below.

Best Dip Recipes

Here you’ll find the best keto dips recipe made with healthy fat from low-carb vegetables like avocado, but also olive oil or cream cheese.

These low-carb dip recipes are perfect appetizers to share as a game food night or to serve as a snack to dip raw keto vegetables.

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