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Welcome to Sweetashoney.co, where you can find all your favorite recipes with a low-carb, keto, healthy, and gluten-free focus as well as all the resources the start eating low-carb effortlessly!

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Hi there, I’m Carine!

An avid baker, fan of good, healthy food, amateur of the keto low-carb diet, mother of two foodie with a passion for sharing easy recipes.

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Easy (mostly) Low-Carb Recipes

Sweetashoney is the place to go for easy, tasty, keto-friendly, low-carb, gluten-free, or healthy recipes!

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How To Start A Keto Journey

Do you want to learn more about the ketogenic diet?

Learn all about the benefits of going keto, what you can and can’t eat, and what you can and can’t drink.

Read my article on how to start the Keto Diet.

A typical Keto plate

What Are My Macros?

The amount of net carbs you need to take per day is unique to you.

It’s a number that takes many factors into consideration, like your gender, your height, your activity level, etc.

Stop guessing what you need to eat to achieve your goals, find out what your macros are by using my Macro Calculator or join my Free Members Area!

What Can I Have On Keto?​

The keto-friendliness of any ingredient has more to with how much you take than anything else.

So to learn how many net carbs are in vegetables, read my article on the most keto-friendly vegetables.

For fruits, read my review of the best keto-friendly fruits.

And for Sweeteners, check out which sweeteners are the best on a keto diet

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Meal Plan

Keto Help!

For help on your keto diet you should:

  • Talk to your doctor to make sure it’s right for you.
  • Fill your party with keto ingredients.
  • Find a meal plan to help your get started.

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