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Starting Your Journey?

How to start a keto journey?

Do you want to learn more about the ketogenic diet?

Learn all about the benefits of going keto, what you can and can’t eat, what you can and can’t drink.

Read my article on how to start the Keto Diet.

How many carbs to take every day?

The amount of net carbs you need to take per day is unique to you.

It’s a number that takes many factors into consideration, like your gender, your height, your activity level, etc.

Stop guessing what you need to eat to achieve your goals, find out what your macros are by using my Macro Calculator!

What can I have on Keto?

The keto-friendliness of any ingredient has more to with how much you take than anything else.

When you know that what matters is the total net carbs you consume in the day, where these net carbs come from. More important is how much of it you take.

So to learn how many net carbs are in vegetables, read my article on the most keto-friendly vegetables.

For fruits, read my review of the best keto-friendly fruits.

And for Sweeteners, check out which sweeteners are the best on a keto diet

How to lose weight on Keto?

The easiest way to lose weight on keto is to stick to the keto diet fully.

If you are struggling to stick to the diet, consider the following options

  • Add some keto-friendly snacks to not be hungry during the day
  • Consider talking to a dietitian
  • Get one of my meal plans, they are tailored to a low number of net carbs while not letting you feel hunger.

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Carine is a mom, baker, writer, food photographer, and videographer sharing her story of how she reversed her prediabetes and found balance living a low-carb life and satisfying her sweet tooth. She provides delicious, and easy low-carb recipes that inspire and support others along their journey towards a healthy and happy lifestyle. Because everyone deserves a tasty piece of bread (or brownie) once in a while.

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