Egg-Free Recipes

Egg-Free Recipes are all my recipes that don’t require an egg to be made.

What Are Egg-Free Recipes?

Egg-Free Recipes are classic, healthy, or keto recipes made with no eggs.

While eggs can be used as a binding agent in many baking and cooking recipes, they can often be replaced with alternatives.

For example, it’s often possible to swap eggs for:

  • Flaxseed Eggs (a keto-friendly option).
  • Applesauce
  • Egg Replacements (such as JUST Egg).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Always Swap Eggs For Flaxeggs?

No, flaxeggs often work, but not always.

While flaxseed eggs do provide some binding, they don’t behave exactly the same as eggs.

They don’t give the same texture and therefore can make complex baking recipes fail.

Are Eggs Dairy Products?

There’s a common misconception that eggs are dairy products, but it’s incorrect.

Dairy products are strictly products made from milk.

While eggs are also produced on farms, they are poultry products, not dairy products.

More Egg-Free Recipes

For even more egg-free recipes, you can browse my Vegan Recipes.

All Vegan Recipes are by definition egg-free.

Note that it’s not the case for vegetarian recipes. While vegetarians don’t eat meat or fish, they do eat eggs and dairy products.

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