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Low Carb naan bread or keto naan bread, call them as you like those are easy healthy naan bread made with wholesome keto flours, no cheese or dairy with a real bread flavor. A simple keto vegan recipe that tick all diet, 100% Vegan + Dairy free + Egg free + Paleo + Gluten free. You won’t believe that those low carb naan bread with almond flour contains only 3.5 g net carbs per bread.



Low carb naan bread Vegan + Keto

I think we will all agree that the best thing about eating Indian food is the naan bread, right? I absolutely love garlic naan bread on its own or dip into my low carb tikka masala curry sauce.  If you just started a low carb diet, you may miss this delicious Indian side bread so here is my recipe !


An easy keto naan bread recipe with almond flour and 6 wholesome ingredients for a delicious comforting dinner. And good news, there is no dairy in this recipe so if you are on keto vegan diet is for you too!

KETO ROTI BREADAll you need to make those are:

  • Dry yeast – this is optional but it adds the amazing bread flavor to the naan bread plus an extra fluffy texture that I love
  • Lukewarm water – think bath temperature around 40C, that is the best to activate fiber from the flours quickly and the yeast – without adding sugar
  • Coconut flour – I recommend you weight the flour if you can, coconut flour contains 10 times more fiber than regular flour and it required precision for perfect result
  • Almond flour– I used blanched almond flour but almond meal will work too in this recipe
  • Olive oil – I love the flavor of olive oil in bread, it makes it more real but any other vegetable oil will work well in this recipe
  • Ground psyllium husk also known as psyllium husk powder – this is 100 % fiber and it had the chewy texture in the bread while gathering all the ingredients perfectly together without using any eggs

Keto Naan Bread ingredients

Low carb baking tips

Low carb baking is very different to regular baking recipes and those are my tips to success any time:

  • Weigh the ingredients – low carb baking use high fiber flour, for full precision it is better to measure the flours in grams. Cups works but are not as precise. A bit too much of one flour will get your dough dry, difficult to roll out without breaking.
  • Parchment paper – low carb dough are stickier and it must be rolled between pieces of parchment paper. This avoid the dough to break or stick to the roller pin.
  • Patience – low carb flours contains lots of fiber it means they are highly water/liquid absorbent. But the fiber needs time to absorb the water, that is why it is important to knead the dough for at least 2 minutes to help the fibers be in contact with the water and make their job. Same with resting time, this ensure full fiber activation.

How to make keto naan bread?

What to eat with keto naan bread?

I love to eat my low carb naan bread with garlic butter on top as a side to Indian curry or low carb soup or as a sandwich base to roll some food.  If you are vegan you can make garlic butter using dairy-free margarine or olive oil.

keto vegan flatbread

I hope you enjoy this new low carb baking recipe. If so, share a pic with me on Instagram before you dig in! I love to see your creations.

XOXO Carine.


Low carb naan bread

Prep Time: 20 mins
Cook Time: 5 mins
Total Time: 30 mins
4 naan breads
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Yeast mixture

  • 1 cup lukewarm water (240ml)
  • 2 teaspoons dry yeast (10g)

Dry ingredients


  • Place lukewarm water in a measuring jug. Stir in dry yeast. Set aside 5 minutes to activate the yeast.
  • In a large mixing bowl, combine all the dry ingredients : coconut flour, psyllium husk, almond flour and salt. 
  • Pour in yeast mixture and olive oil. Use a spatula to combine at first, then knead the dough energetically with your hands for 2 minutes - not less!. The texture is very wet at first, drying out as you go. Knead for at least 2 minutes to make sure that the fiber from the husk and coconut flour absorb all the moisture.
  • Form a ball of dough. Set aside for 10 minutes in the mixing bowl at room temperature.
  • After 10 minutes, knead the dough again for 30 seconds. If too wet, add a little more husk and repeat the waiting process until the dough is soft, and easy to shape into a ball. Split the dough in 4 pieces. Shape 4 balls. This recipe makes 4 large naan bread, you can also shape 6 small naan bread by dividing the dough into 6 balls if preferred. 
  • Prepare two pieces of parchment paper. Place one on the bench top, place the dough ball in the middle of the parchment paper sheet and cover the ball with the second piece of parchment paper. Press the ball slightly to stick the paper to the ball.
  • Use a rolling pin to roll the dough into a naan shape. Keep the dough slightly thick to mimic real naan bread. Remove top parchment paper layer. Reshape the sides of the naan bread with your fingers if needed for lovely smooth sides.
  • Warm a non-stick crepe pan or pancake griddle under medium-high heat. When the pan is hot, flip over the rolled naan onto the pan, peel off parchment paper carefully and cook the naan bread for 1-2 minutes on high heat until black spots appears.
  • Slide a large spatula under the bread to flip over and cook for 1 minute on that side or until brown/black spots forms. Those naan bread are large and heavy so a large spatula is a must to flip them over without breaking. Shape smaller naan bread if you don't have a large spatula.
  • Serve immediately, spread 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil or melted butter on top of each bread, crushed garlic and chopped coriander if desired.
  • Repeat the rolling and cooking process for the following naan bread until no more dough left.


  • You can store the cooked naan bread for 2 days in the pantry, on a plate. Cover the plan with a clean kitchen towel to keep them soft and moist. Rewarm in a non-stick pan for 1 minute on both sides before serving.


  • You can freeze the cooked naan bread. Freeze wrapped individually in plastic wrap. Defrost at least 3 hours before, make sure you remove the plastic wrap when out of the freezer to avoid extra moisture to goes into the naan breads when they defrost. Rewarm in a hot non-stick pan on both sides for about for 1 minute. 
Non-stick pan: you don't need to grease the pan if you are using a non-stick tefal crepe pan as I am using in this recipe. If your pan tend to stick, make sure ou rub the surface with some oil and a piece of absorbent paper. Too much oil will fry the naan bread, that is no what you want.
Troubleshooting: this is a very easy recipe and you shouldn't have any issue. The dough can be too dry or too moist if you don't weigh ingredients or if you husk too thick psyllium husk (whole husk instead of powder). Those are my tips if:
  • your dough is sticky or too moist add a bit more  psyllium husk, 1 teaspoon, knead and see how it goes.
  • your dough is too dry, add more water, 1 tablespoon, knead and repeat if needed. 
Nutrition Facts
Low carb naan bread
Amount Per Serving (1 naan bread)
Calories 182 Calories from Fat 136
% Daily Value*
Fat 15.1g23%
Carbohydrates 9.8g3%
Fiber 6.3g26%
Protein 4.1g8%
Net Carbs 3.5g
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Keto naan bread

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  1. 5 stars
    oh! how delicious this tasted! I used rapid yeast (since I didn’t have the other on hand) so I didn’t need to soak it in water first, I just mixed it in with my dry ingredients. I weighed out the flours like suggested and I feel like it really made a difference. For those of you wondering, after adding the olive oil to the dough, I also added the 1 cup of water I would’ve used with the yeast, you still need that liquid. I kneaded for 2 minutes, waited 10 and then rolled it out and actually stuck minced garlic pieces into the dough (I love garlic). After a quick cook, I slathered it with butter and more garlic and some garlic powder (did I mention I love garlic? ha). The taste and texture of the naan is so close to real bread, the closest I’ve actually come across in all my Keto “bread” baking attempts.. will definitely use it for other recipes as well. Thank you!

  2. 5 stars
    This was oh-so-good. Being a vegan wanting to follow keto, your recipes have made my life easier. Much love.

  3. 5 stars
    I was wondering what brand of psyllium husk do you use? Ours comes out very purple when cooked. Thank you

    • I live in New Zealand so the brand are loca. I tried all brands sold in New Zealand, Ceres Organic, Macro and even the cheapest supermarket brand Pams, all come out great. Some brands seems to turn purple in US but it doesnt impact food quality just the color. Followers reported success with Now Food. Maybe try that! Enjoy the recipe, XOXO Carine

    • As I replyied yesterday, I didn’t try the oven option I guess it could work but you will have to bake the naan on a piece of parchment paper or they will stick to the sheet. Maybe 200C but no idea how long sorry. Enjoy the recipe, XOXO Carine.

      • I added two eggs and baked the naan … which took longer than I expected, almost 20 minutes to get a little brown, but it was very good, tasted more like bread and my husband likes it, so what can I say!! I do like the color on yours, so I’m going to try the frying pan! Thanks for the recipe!

        • I am SO happy you come back to me with your feedback! So great to know we can bake this recipe and make it with eggs too. Thanks again for trying my recipes and taking some time to share your experience with us! Enjoy the blog recipes, XOXO Carine.

    • I didn’t try baking them but I guess it will work too. I will probably bake them onto a tray covered with parchment paper to avoid them to stick to the tray. Let me know how it goes! XOXO Carine

  4. Thank you for all these wonderful recipes. Have downloaded quite a few and about to try them all. Will let you know the verdict.

  5. This recipe turned out great. I’m new to low carb cooking and I’ve tried a couple recipes with Psyllium Husk and I find the texture seems like chewing on very fine sand….is this normal? Could it just be the brand? It’s my first time using it in any cooking.

    • It should give a too strong sandy texture, maybe try a thinner ground next time. Thanks so much for making my recipes. Enjoy the blog, XOXO Carine.

  6. Hi,
    I’m in the UK and i’m trying to get the dry yeast, does it need to be dry yeast or will the quick yeast be ok to use?

    • Hi! any yeast should work well and as I mentionned in the recipe it will work without yeast too. I simply love the flavor it adds to the recipe, close to a real naan bread. Enjoy, XOXO Carine

  7. 5 stars
    OMG! This Naan Bread is so good, so tasty.
    Much better than the traditional one!
    We love it!
    Thank you so much for the recipe. ❤️

    • The dough is very fragile, more than wheat based recipe indeed. I always recommend to roll thicker and smaller naan to start and to always roll the naan between 2 pieces of parchment paper. Peel off the top piece of paper, then flip over the naan on the pan and now peel off the last piece of parchment paper. With this technique the naan won’t break! Enjoy the recipe, XOXO Carine.

    • The recipe is based on 4 naans. The whole dough makes 14 g net carbs so all you have to do is divide this number by 6 which comes to 2.3 g net carbs if you divide the dough by 6 instead of 4. Enjoy! XOXO Carine.

  8. 5 stars
    Dear / Chere Carine,
    I too was diagnosed with diabetis type 2 and since then, I have been struggling to find an alternative to eating … I tried many other sites but your site Carineis so inspiring! I love these keto naan and I am trying new recipes… Thank you for sharing your knowledge and competence with all of us. Catherine xoxo (gros bisous)

  9. 5 stars
    Hi. What a great site. Awesome recipes. I’m going to try all your recipes. Thank you so much for sharing. Hugs to you and your family from Canada.

    • Hello from New Zealand ! I am so excited to have you here and I can’t wait to read your feedbacks on my recipes. Talk to you soon, XOXO Carine.

    • I am not providing micro nutrient nutrition panel. They rely on the brand you use, especially hen it comes to salt. If those parameters are important for you, I recommend you upload a free macronutrient application on your phone to enter the exact brand of the product you are using when you make my recipes. This will give you the exact breakdown of micro/micronutrient based on what you really use in your kitchen, much more precise! Enjoy, XOXO Carine

  10. Question… Have you ever used this keto naan bread for pizza in the oven after it’s been cooked of course??

    • Not yet but it sounds like a great idea. I will pre bake the crust first until golden brown, probably at 180 for 15 minutes, then add toppings, return to the oven until cheese is melted. Enjoy. XOXO Carine.

  11. 5 stars
    Can’t wait to make this recipe! Quick question, could I use nutritional yeast flakes instead of the dry yeast? I already have the former on hand, and hate to buy something new just for one recipe. Thanks!

    • Of course! The yeast is only to add flavor here so nutritional yeast will be great too. Simply keep the same amount of liquid in total. Enjoy ! XOXO Carine.

  12. I live in a rural area of Mexico where I cannot get some of these things…. can I use no flavor Metamucil as the psyllium husk powder? From what I read, it is the same. And I am allergic to almonds so can I use the coconut flour in place of that?

    • Metamucil won’t work in this recipe, many readers tried and failed using this. I am sorry you really need psyllium husk. Also you can’t replace almond flour by the same amount of coconut flour but you can use sunflower seed flower instead. Maybe try a different recipe that has only coconut flour or flaxseed. Enjoy the blog, XOXO Carine.

  13. I loved the flavor of the bread but mine was really chewy and was hard to get done on the inside. Is there something I should have done differently. Had the pan really hot so was concerned about burning. Thanks!

    • It looks like your husk doesn’t absorb the moisture well, it might be because it is too thick, I recommend you try a different one like this here or add a pinch more of husk. Also, roll them thinner if they stay too moist that can help. Enjoy the keto recipes on the blog, XOXO Carine.

  14. 4 stars
    I made the naan. I like the texture and the ease of making them. But I felt it needed a little more salt and that could’ve been because I used Himalayan pink salt rather than regular salt and the olive oil flavor was just too strong for me. So next time and I will make them again because I do think they are good, I will add a little more salt and use vegetable oil. So thank you for the recipe and I am looking forward to trying other recipes from your website.

    • Thanks for the feedback, you can use any oil but note that vegetable oils are not keto approved. You can use almond oil it is keto and has no flavor.Or any seed oil like flaxseed oil, sunflower seed oil. It is also fine to increase salt if you like them more salty. Thnks again for trying my recipes and being here with me. Enjoy, XOXO Carine.

      • 5 stars
        I am changing my vote to five. I love the soft, tender texture and, this may sound strange, but I would use these for pancakes. A little stevia or maybe swerve in the mix, maybe a bit of vanilla extract in the water. These could be filled with cream cheese, lemon zest for desert. I think this recipe would be highly adaptable. Another example would be for a wrap for chinese style food. They hold together so well and are flexible. So I am printing out this recipe and am going to do some experimenting. Using another oil would give it a more neutral flavor.

  15. 5 stars
    Just made this recipe. Absolutely delicious. I love that you added the yeast to give it that real bread flavor that I sometimes miss. I will be using this recipe as a staple in my diet. I think it will make a great pizza dough too! Thank you and keep the recipes coming!

    • Thanks for trying this recipe ! I love the pizza idea, I will definitely give this a go. Enjoy the blog recipes, XOXO Carine.

      • 5 stars
        I’m so excited I found this recipe! I always keep a package of naan in my freezer to use for pizza crusts when I need a quick dinner for my kids. I typically just put the sauce, cheese, and topping on the frozen naan and pop it in the oven. I was hoping to be able to do that with this low carb naan. So my question is, do you think this method would work or is it completely necessary to thaw it out first?

        • oh that is such a great idea! I am sure it will work without thawing before. I would probably prebee the frozen naan for 8-10 minutes at 180C. Then add the toppings and return in the oven until the cheese is melted on top of your pizza ‘naan’. I would also lace the naan on a piece of parchment paper, not directly on the tray. It will make it easier to remove from the oven. Otherwise try my coconut flour pizza crust, it will work amazing as you said. Enjoy the recipes on the blog ! XOXO Carine.

  16. 5 stars
    Made these last week they were amazing going to make a double batch now and freeze them – love the fibre content in them

    • I am sorry to here that. It won’t works with the same ratio however if you are looking for a coconut flour flatbread try my recipe here, there is no nuts involved and it will work really well as a naan bread too. Enjoy the recipe, XOXO Carine.

    • 5 stars
      I tried this a couple of days ago. My kids seem to have an intolerance to gluten (and at least two of them to dairy) and I myself am intolerant so I was looking for SOMETHING edible that was gluten free “bread”.

      These? Are delicious! Even my picky middle son loved them! I made chicken shawarma and we ate them as wraps with dairy free garlic sauce and hummus. So yum! And so easy! Thank you!!!

      • It makes me very happy to read your comment today. I also have 2 kids home (one 2 1/2 yo picky eater too!) and I know the challenge it can be to feed them with healthy food that meet their food allergy. I am so glad you find my blog! Enjoy the gluten free around here. Talk to you soon, Carine.

    • I didn’t try this so I am not sure if it will work. I highly recommend husk for the best taste and texture. Enjoy the low carb recipes on the blog, XOXO Carine.

  17. If I were to double or triple this recipe, would it make more sense do 2 or 3 separate batches or just double or triple the ingredient amounts? Thanks!

    • I would recommend separate batch following the recipe exactly every time. Low carb baking use high fiber flours and any small difference in quantity can make a big difference in texture – much more than when you bake with regular flour that has barely no fibers. If you double the batch or triple the whole recipe you increase by 2 or 3 the risk of mismeasuring the flours. Too much flours can dry out the dough or too less will end up in a wet dough. I hope it make sense. XOXO Carine.

  18. I tried this tonight, but my dough was really wet. I ended up adding a heaping tablespoon more of coconut flour, almond flour and psyllium, but it was still fairly wet. It fried up ok, but is really delicate. Any idea what might have gone wrong? I weighed the ingredients as suggested.

    • It looks like you have an issue with husk rather than the other flours. Husk is what absorb the water in this recipe and hold the dough together. You need ground husk for great success, if too thick it won’t absorb water properly. I will recommend making the recipe in grams for full precision and if too wet again add more husk, not the other flours adding 1 teaspoon at a time. I hope it works better next time. Let me know ! XOXO Carine.

  19. Hello, I am doing a candida cleanse so unfortunately i cannot use yeast. Is there any substitue that i can use?

    • Yes definitely ! sorry you don’t appreciate the flavor of coconut flour. Enjoy the coconut flour-free recipes on the blog, there is plenty ! XOXO Carine.