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Keto Sunflower Seed Bread (Nut-Free, Egg-Free)

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This Keto Nut-free Bread is a dense keto sandwich bread perfect for sandwiches.

It is 100% nut-free, mainly made with sunflower seed flour, a low-carb flour you can make at home for a very low price.

Bonus, this Keto Bread loaf recipe is also egg-free, dairy-free, and contains only 3 grams of net carbs per slice.

KETO Sunflower Seed Flour Bread

What’s Sunflower Seed Flour?

Sunflower Seed Flour is a healthy, gluten-free, and nut-free recipe made by grounding sunflower seeds.

It’s a low-carb flour that contains (per 100 grams):

  • 20 grams of carbohydrates
  • 9 grams of fiber
  • 11 grams of net carbs
  • 21 grams of protein
  • 51 grams of fat

So it makes it about 8 times less rich in net carbs than regular flour, and its fiber content makes it a viable substitute for almond flour.

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

This sunflower seed bread recipe is perfect for breakfast because it is:

  • Nut-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Keto-Friendly
  • Egg-Free
  • Dairy-Free
  • Vegan
  • Paleo
Keto Bread without Eggs

How To Make Nut-Free Keto Bread

There is nothing wrong with nuts on a keto diet. Actually, nut flours are great for creating delicious bread with a similar texture to wheat bread.

However, almond flour is expensive, and some people can’t eat almonds because of an allergy or intolerance.

That’s why this sunflower seed bread is an option for anyone looking for affordable homemade keto bread without eggs or almond flour.

Plus, you will learn how to make homemade sunflower seed flour in minutes so keep reading!

A keto nut-free bread is made of a combination of low-carb flour from seeds and coconut.

It is a delicious rustic bread with a dense crumb, earthy flavor, and crusty crust perfect for sandwiches or toasts.

Plus, this nut-free bread is mainly made of sunflower seed flour, a cheap flour made at home from a simple batch of sunflower seeds.


The ingredients you need to make a nut-free keto bread are:

  • Sunflower seed flour – you can make your own sunflower seed flour using a high-speed blender and sunflower seeds. First, add the seeds into the jug of the blender. Next, blend at high speed until a fine flour forms. Finally, store the flour in an airtight container for at least 3 hours or overnight before using it in the recipe. You can also buy sunflower seed flour from the store.
  • Coconut flour – you must use coconut flour in this recipe, and you can’t replace it with almond flour. Almond flour is not a nut-free keto flour, and it contains 4 times fewer fibers than coconut flour. It means that it won’t be able to soak up the moisture in the recipe.
  • Flaxseed meal – golden or brown flaxseed meal works, but the golden flax meal is recommended to avoid the bitterness of brown flax meal.
  • Baking powder – this is gluten-free bread, so it won’t rise much. Baking powder makes the crumb lighter. You can also use baking soda, use half the amount of baking soda to replace baking powder in this recipe. Note that baking soda can add a bitter flavor to the bread, so it is not the best option.
  • Psyllium husk – whole psyllium husk is the best option to make nut-free keto bread since it absorbs moisture better than psyllium husk powder. Plus, the psyllium husk powder turns bread into a blue-purple color sometimes, and it is not very attractive.
  • Sunflower seeds – or a handful of pumpkin seeds or sesame seeds to decorate the top of the bread and give it a crunchy toasted seed texture on each slice.
  • Apple cider vinegar – or lemon juice. The purpose of apple cider vinegar is to activate the baking powder.
  • Lukewarm water – it is very important to use lukewarm water to activate the fiber in the flours quickly. Coldwater won’t work, use lukewarm tap water or microwave some water and then measure the amount required by the recipe.
  • Olive oil or coconut oil – you can use any oil, but olive oil has the best flavor in a keto bread recipe. In fact, coconut oil can add a strong coconut flavor to keto bread. If you want to use coconut oil, use refined coconut oil to avoid the coconut flavor. Don’t use butter in keto bread recipes, like egg yolks. Both give a cakey texture to the bread.

Making Keto Bread With Sunflower Seed Flour

This is a very special keto bread recipe, no egg yolks or egg whites, no almond flour or almond meal but instead a combination of sunflower seed flour, psyllium husk, and flaxseed meal.

This is an easy keto bread recipe for beginners or anyone looking for a low-price homemade keto bread recipe without the eggy flavor.

Sunflower Seed Flour Keto Bread

Step 1: Weighing Ingredients

There is no secret. The success of keto bread without eggs is to weigh ingredients with a scale.

As a result, you shouldn’t use cups to measure your flours to avoid losing precision and end up with a disappointing bread texture.

First, weigh every single ingredient into small bowls. Next, combine all the dry ingredients into a large mixing bowl. Finally, whisk all the dry ingredients together.

Step 2: Prepare Wet Ingredients

Before starting your keto bread recipe, it is clever to measure all your wet ingredients in small bowls. This prevents mistakes during the baking process and ensures precision.

The wet ingredients can be measured with US standard cups and tablespoons. Note that 1 cup is 8 fl.oz (237ml) and 1 tablespoon (15ml).

Note that this keto nut bread recipe calls for lukewarm water to activate the psyllium husk fiber quickly. It means that you must use water at 40°C.

To do so, run tap water until hot like a bathtub and measure, or microwave water in a bowl for 1 minute.

Since warming the water in the microwave evaporates some liquid, you must measure the amount required by the recipe after it has been warmed up.

Step 3: Combine Ingredients

After you have whisked all the flours evenly together, it is time to pour all the liquid. First, make sure the water is lukewarm.

Then, add the liquid to the center of the bowl, digging a well with a spoon to make space for the liquid.

Finally, combine with a spoon for barely 30 to 45 seconds to combine ingredients. It is important to let the dough sit for 5 minutes before shaping it into a loaf.

Step 4: Shaping The Dough

This is a gluten-free keto bread recipe which means it doesn’t rise. That is why you must shape the dough into a loaf before transferring it into the loaf pan.

As a result, the shape you give to the dough before baking is what you will get after baking. Gluten-free keto bread doesn’t rise or expand while baking.

Also, since the bread dough is sticky, it is recommended to wet your hands with tap water before you massage the dough to shape it into a cylinder.

How to Make EGG FREE Keto Breads

Step 5: Baking

The best way to bake egg-free keto bread is to use a 2-step method. First, bake the bread in a loaf pan for 1 hour at 400°F (200°C).

Then, transfer the bread onto a baking sheet or directly on the bottom rack of your oven, and keep baking for 10-15 minutes. This extra step will dry the bottom of the bread and prevent the gummy bread texture.

Finally, cool down the bread at room temperature, not in a cold room to prevent the bread from deflating.

Cool the bread for at least 3 hours before slicing to ensure a regular bread texture.

Keto Bread

How To Eat Keto Bread

This nut-free keto bread recipe is perfect for sandwiches or toast. First, slice the bread into thin slices.

Then, toast the slice to add some crispness to the crumb. Finally, make a keto toast like buttered toast, avocado toast, or cream cheese and chia seed jam toast.

Another option is to use this low-carb bread recipe for a keto grilled cheese sandwich.

Cut 2 slices of low-carb bread, place cheese between the slices, and toast the sandwich in a sandwich press.

Feel free to add any keto vegetables like spinach or lettuce!

Of course, if you tolerate nuts, almond butter, or any other nut butter like macadamia nut butter or cashew nut butter are delicious additions to a slice of toasted bread.

Egg free Keto Bread

Keto Bread Troubleshooting

After years of baking egg-free keto bread recipes, I learned a lot along the way. The main issue you often encounter are:

  • Moist, gooey bread – this can be because you miss fiber in the dough or your flours are coarse and not fine enough to absorb moisture. Try different sunflower seed flour brands or make your own very fine if you have a Vitamix powerful blender. Another reason can be that you used psyllium husk powder instead of the whole husk!
  • A hole or collapse in the center – this happens if you add too much baking powder or open the oven door too often.

Share a comment below or reach out on Instagram or Facebook! I love to see what you are baking in your kitchen.

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Keto bread loaf egg free

Keto Nut-Free Bread

3.3gNet Carbs
A Keto Vegan Sunflower Seed Flour Bread 100% nut-free and egg-free.
Prep: 15 minutes
Cook: 1 hour
Total: 1 hour 15 minutes
Yield: 16 slices
Serving Size: 1 slice
4.95 from 660 votes


Dry ingredients

Liquid ingredients

  • 1 tablespoon Avocado Oil
  • 1 teaspoon Apple Cider Vinegar or lemon juice
  • 8 fl oz Lukewarm Water tap water microwaved for 1 minute (1 cup or 237ml)
This recipe may contain Amazon or other affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


  • Before starting, weigh all the dry ingredients individually on a scale. I don't recommend using cups to measure solids. That is why the cups are not provided. This avoids any problem with the recipe. To measure the liquids, make sure you are using standard US measuring cups (1 cup=237ml or 8fl oz)
  • Preheat oven on regular mode at 400°F (200°C).
  • Line a 9-inch x 5-inch baking pan with parchment paper. Grease the paper with oil to prevent the bread from sticking to the pan. Set aside.
  • In a large mixing bowl, add all the dry ingredients: fine sunflower seed flour (see note to make your own), coconut flour, whole psyllium husk, flaxseed meal, baking powder, and salt.
  • Whisk the dry ingredients to evenly combine and remove any lumps, squeezing them between your fingertips if some appear.
  • Make a well in the center of the flours and add olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and lukewarm water (40°C/104°F).
  • Use a spatula to combine the dough. It will be very wet at first, drying as you go, becoming very sticky, and that is what you want. It should take more than 30 seconds to combine the ingredients. It is wet and sticky, don't worry, this is OK.
  • Let the dough rest for 5 minutes in the bowl.
  • Wet your hands with a tiny bit of water and remove the bread dough from the bowl. Gently knead the dough for 10 seconds, squeezing the dough with your hands, then form a loaf shape, with a nice round bump in the center of the dough. The dough won't rise much so don't press the top of the loaf, instead tap the side to create a nice round bump in the center. This will avoid a flat, dense, and moist loaf. Since you wet your hands it shouldn't stick. If it does, wet your hands slightly more or grease them with olive oil.
  • The top of the loaf may shows cracks, wet your hands, and massage the top to fix the cracks and form a smooth surface.
  • Place the loaf into the loaf pan. If it doesn't fit the length of the pan don't press the loaf to fit! Leave it as is.
  • Brush the top of the bread with a bit more water, then sprinkle extra sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, or sesame seed.
  • Slightly press the seeds onto the surface to stick them to the bread.
  • Bake for 50-60 minutes at 200°C (400°F) bottom rack (first rack from the bottom of your oven) and don't open the oven door before 40 minutes if you want to check the baking process!
  • After 50-60 minutes, remove the pan from the oven. The top of the bread should be hard, and crusty as the side and bottom. Lift out the bread from the pan pulling the pieces of parchment paper and transfer the loaf on a baking sheet or directly on the hot bottom rack of your oven, without parchment paper.
  • Keep baking for 10 – 15 minutes, bottom rack, same temperature. If the top brown too fast, add a piece of foil on top of the bread loaf. This extra step prevents the bottom of the bread from being wet or under-baked.
  • Remove from the oven and transfer the keto bread onto a cooling rack and cool for at least 1 hour before slicing.


  • This is a dense, slightly moist nut-free keto bread with a crispy crust. It is even better toasted. Bring your slice of bread to a toaster for 2 minutes and use it as a toast for butter or avocado. You can also make a grilled cheese sandwich with two slices of bread, lightly butter the outside bread slices and bring the sandwich into a sandwich press.
  • Store your bread unsliced, wrapped in a towel, at room temperature in the pantry. You can also slice the whole loaf and freeze the slices in an airtight container.


My bread is moist in the center: you didn’t bake your bread long enough. Pop back to the oven on a baking sheet and place a piece of foil on top of the loaf. It will focus the heat in the center of the bread and prevent the bread top from over-baking.
My bread is green: Sunflower seed flour can turn your food greenish. There is nothing you can do about that. It won’t alter the taste of the bread.
My bread is blue/purple: make sure you use Now Foods Whole Psyllium husk to prevent this from happening. Some psyllium husk brands turn bread crumb purple-blue.
Make your own sunflower seed flour: The day before you start the recipe, add the sunflower seeds to a high-speed blender and blend at high speed to form a fine flour. You know it is ready when there are no seed pieces left, and the ground is not coarse but fine, similar to store-bought almond flour. It should take about 20-30 seconds max at high speed. Don’t over-process, or the seeds will turn into a paste and form sunflower seed butter. Transfer into an airtight container and wait 24 hours before using it in the recipe. Homemade sunflower seed flour has a higher moisture rate and needs 24 hours to dry.
Tried this recipe?Mention @sweetashoneyrecipes
Serving Size: 1 slice
Yield: 16 slices
Serving: 1sliceCalories: 132.6kcal (7%)Carbohydrates: 7.7g (3%)Fiber: 4.4g (18%)Net Carbs: 3.3gProtein: 4.4g (9%)Fat: 10.2g (16%)Saturated Fat: 1.3g (8%)Sodium: 135.2mg (6%)Potassium: 125.1mg (4%)Sugar: 0.7g (1%)Vitamin A: 8.9IUVitamin C: 0.2mgCalcium: 51.9mg (5%)Iron: 1.2mg (7%)
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  1. Hi Carine, is there a nut free substitute for coconut flour in this recipe? I would like to make it nut free. Thank you!

  2. Would this recipe work if you made it with proofed yeast and let sit in a warm place then bake it as you would?

  3. Can I make this without coconut flour? I am allergic to all nuts, including coconut. A lot of people mistakenly assume coconut is not a nut since a lot of people with nut allergies are okay with coconut, but it is still a nut allergen for some people. Please let me know if you get the chance, or I’ll let you know in another comment whether it works or not! Thank you!

  4. 5 stars
    CHAPEAU!, CHAPEAU! and CHAPEAU! if you want in spanish from Spain Óle ÓLE y Óle😂😂😂I find most culinary bloggers very generous when sharing their recipes, but making recipes thinking of the less fortunate financially is the best of the best, especially in these times, everything is very expensive; In Spain we pay 400% more for electricity than a year ago, for example, a shame, and let the whole world know. Anyway, I congratulate you for being supportive and it is a wonderful bread for those of us who cannot eat wheat flour and want to eat healthy. Carine, take good care of yourself and keep up the good work. Greetings from Spain.(Google traslate)

  5. 5 stars
    Great recipe! To make this low lectin, I used sesame seed flour instead of sunflower seed. Because of this change, I needed to double the liquids and bake it longer. But, it turned out perfectly. I love your recipes and would love to see some with sesame seed flour since I have an almond allergy. Thanks for creating these amazing recipes!

  6. OMG! the best bread so far after years of making almond breads and hating them! I measured in oz,s, its on the side of a pyrex measuring cup. came out crisp crust and moist breadlike texture. wonderful bread flavor,like rustic.Toasted or grilled great!

  7. 5 stars
    I make this bread weekly…it is a godsend, as I am allergic to almonds and eggs. I love took a couple of times making it to get it perfect1!

  8. What did I do wrong? I weighed out all my ingredients. My only deviation was olive oil for avocado. I have a dense, dark tiny loaf 7x4x 2”. The dark color looks more like dark rye and breaks apart when bite into a slice. The overwhelming taste of sunflower seed isn’t as pleasant as I’d expect. Take a pass on this one. The idea of it was better than the reality. Next!

    • If it’s tiny and dense you probably packed/press the dough in the pan. For the color and flavor, it looks like you are having some issue with the husk brand you used. Some brands make food darker and bitter too.

  9. Hi Carine,

    I was so excited to make this recipe as it was something different than what is out there as far as keto bread. Unfortunately, my bread came out dry and crumbly. I followed your recipe to a “T” weighing dry ingredients and making sure my water was lukewarm. Should I have added more water and/or oil? The dough didn’t come together well but thought maybe that would’ve been corrected in the baking process which I was quite wrong. I did enjoy the taste of my “bread crumbles” with a little butter but the texture wasn’t quite there being very dense, heavy, and dry. I would love to try again and if you could offer me any tips/advice, I’d very much appreciate it.

    Thank you very much for all of your hard work!

    • If the dough is not coming together before baking it means it’s too dry and you need a bit more water. This can be because your sunflower seed flour is coarser than mine. Anyway this bread is dense and not fluffy since it’s gluten free and egg-free.

  10. Hi,
    Love your recipes and would like to try out this sunflower seed flour bread. But unfortunately I am allergic to flaxseeds. Do you have any suggestion to what I could try in replacement for the flaxseed meal?
    Thank you!

    • I didn’t try something else in this recipe, usually ground flaxseed can be replaced by same amount ground chia seeds. I hope it works. Enjoy, XOXO Carine

  11. This was my first ever attempt at making any sort of bread today. The flavour is lovely, I didn’t bake it for long enough, so sliced and grilled it, but I find it so dense that it’s difficult to suggest. Is there anyway to make it lighter?

  12. 5 stars
    Carine is a life saver! Prior to making her recipes, I didn’t know that psyllium husks helps make doughs more chewy. Her pizza dough recipe is my go to but I decided to make this sunflower seed bread tonight since I had a bag of sunflower seeds let me say it is AMAZING!! The dough may seem dry at first but I made sure my hands were wet while kneading it and it worked out well. Make this bread, you won’t regret it!

  13. 5 stars
    Amé esta receta! Sin complicaciones! simplemente mezclar y hornear….la consistencia es increíble y el sabor espectacular!

  14. 5 stars
    Très bon! I just made the bread and I love the taste and consistency. You get a lovely crunch from the crust. Can’t wait to try it Toasted in the morning. Merci!

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