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Pear Smoothie

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By Carine Claudepierre -

This Pear Smoothie is a healthy breakfast smoothie with vanilla almond milk, banana, and ginger. A delicious 4-ingredient vegan breakfast drink.

Pear Smoothie

Is A Pear Smoothie Healthy?

Pear Smoothies are normally made with high-sugar milk and sometimes loaded with high-fructose corn syrup to make them sweeter.

So a classic pear smoothie is not necessarily that healthy. My recipe below is super healthy!

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

This recipe is going to be a standard in your kitchen. It is:

  • Ready in 5 minutes
  • 4 Ingredients
  • Gluten-Free
  • Egg-Free
  • Dairy-Free
  • Refined-Sugar-Free
  • Vegan
  • Healthy

How To Make A Pear Smoothie

Making this recipe is super-quick as it only takes a few minutes and 4 ingredients.


  • Pear – Pear is a simple, healthy fruit loaded with nutrients. To make this recipe frothier, you can store your pears in the freezer.
  • Banana – the ripeness of your banana will affect the sweetness of the recipe. Bananas with dark spots are much sweeter and will make the recipe quite sweet. For frothier smoothies, freeze your bananas!
  • Ginger – fresh and grated.
  • Almond Milk – opt for unsweetened vanilla almond milk. If you are allergic to almonds, you can use coconut milk, oat milk, or peanut milk.


Making this pear smoothie recipe is super easy.

To do so, pour the 4 ingredients into the jug of a high-speed blender and blend for about a minute.

Pour the pear smoothie into two tall glasses and decorate them with the following:

  • Grated vanilla
  • A banana slice
  • Ginger or cinnamon powder
Banana Pear smoothie an healthy breakfast smoothie with almond milk and ginger. A delicious Vegan spices breakfast drink.

Storage Instructions

This Pear Smoothie is not something you can prepare a long time ahead.

If you let it rest, the various ingredients will split with the heavier bits falling to the bottom and the water from the milk and fruits floating to the top.

You can, of course, stir it again, but it won’t have the same great taste.

So I recommend not making this more than 10 minutes before enjoying it.

Banana Pear smoothie an healthy breakfast smoothie with almond milk and ginger. A delicious Vegan spices breakfast drink.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Make A Green Pear Smoothie?

Yes, add half a cup of baby spinach or green kale to the blender to turn this smoothie green.

Can I Make A Blueberry Pear Smoothie?

Yes, you can turn this pear smoothie blue by adding half a cup of frozen blueberries.

Can I Make A Protein Pear Smoothie?

Yes, you can turn this recipe into a protein pear smoothie. Add a tablespoon of vegan protein powder to the recipe and you’ll add a good 7 to 8 grams of protein!

Pear Smoothie

Pear Smoothie

This Pear Smoothie is a healthy breakfast smoothie with vanilla almond milk, banana, and ginger. A delicious vegan breakfast drink.
Prep: 5 mins
Total: 5 mins
Yield: 2 Smoothies
Serving Size: 2 Smoothies


Net Carbs 23.4g
Fat 1.9g
Protein 1.7g
Calories 124.1kcal
5 from 158 votes
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  • Throw all your ingredients into a blender and blend until nice and smooth.
    Use frozen banana or add one tablespoon of rolled oat for an even thicker consistency.
  • Decorate your Pear Smoothie with a touch of cinnamon.
Breakfast option: for a thicker and more fulfilling smoothie, I recommend adding one tablespoon of rolled oat or millet flakes if gluten-free.
Fruits:  if you don’t have frozen pear on hand, you can use unfrozen pear. The smoothie will be a little less creamy and thick. Add 2-3 more ice cubes to compensate!
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Nutrition Facts
Pear Smoothie
Amount Per Serving (2 Smoothies)
Calories 124.1 Calories from Fat 17
% Daily Value*
Fat 1.9g3%
Saturated Fat 0.1g1%
Polyunsaturated Fat 0.9g
Monounsaturated Fat 0.8g
Sodium 164.3mg7%
Potassium 327.7mg9%
Carbohydrates 28.2g9%
Fiber 4.8g20%
Sugar 16g18%
Protein 1.7g3%
Net Carbs 23.4g
Vitamin A 60.3IU1%
Vitamin C 9mg11%
Calcium 162.1mg16%
Iron 0.5mg3%
Magnesium 24.3mg6%
Zinc 0.2mg1%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
Carine Claudepierre

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