Psyllium Husk Recipes

My Psyllium Husk Recipes are the best easy, healthy keto-friendly recipes to make with this special ingredient.

What Is Psyllium Husk?

Psyllium Husk is an ingredient that is very high in fiber and comes from the husk of Psyllium, a flowering plant.

It acts as a natural thickener because the fibers absorb a high quantity of liquid and turn into a gel-like substance.

Psyllium Husk is often used as a supplement, sometimes combined with other ingredients.

Nutritional Profile

The husk of psyllium almost entirely consists of fiber, for 100 grams of husk, you get:

  • 89 grams of carbs, including
  • 78 grams of fiber
  • 0 grams of fat
  • 0 grams of protein
  • 16mg of Iron
  • 1g of Potassium
  • 110mg of Sodium

Psyllium Husk is therefore a massive source of fiber and a good source of iron and potassium.

Health Benefits

The high-fiber content of psyllium husk has many health benefits:

Fighting Constipation

Fibers are natural laxatives. The fiber in psyllium husk facilitates the transit of food through the intestines.

So it’s an excellent natural remedy for constipation.

Because psyllium is also prebiotic, it helps with general gut health as well.

Lowering Cholesterol

Soluble fiber (85% of the fibers in psyllium husk are soluble) has been shown in various studies to improve cholesterol levels within 6 weeks of regular consumption.

Lowering Blood Glucose & Diabetes

Psyllium Husk is marked by the FDA as having potential benefits for people with diabetes because it reduces fasting blood glucose levels.

Weight Loss

Fiber contributes to the feeling of fullness, and therefore, ingredients like psyllium husk can help lose weight as part of a balanced diet.

It’s often used in keto recipes as it provides binding and makes baked foods more fulfilling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Psyllium Husk Keto?

Psyllium Husk is a keto-friendly ingredient. It’s one of the flour most convenient keto flours.

Is Psyllium Husk Gluten-Free?

Psyllium Husk is 100% gluten-free.

Is Psyllium Husk Safe?

Psyllium husk is a very safe ingredient.

However, because it contains a large amount of fiber, excessive consumption can lead to diarrhea and therefore dehydration.

So the recommended limit is between 25 grams and 38 grams per day respectively for women and men.

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