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Flaxseed Wraps – Keto, Vegan & Gluten-free

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4.84 from 535 votes
By Carine Claudepierre - - 272 Comments

These flaxseed wraps are an easy 4-ingredient keto tortilla recipe with only 1.2 grams of net carbs.

You can finally eat a homemade wrap on your keto diet with this easy, healthy keto wrap recipe.

Flaxseed Wraps keto

Bonus, the flaxseed wraps are vegan, gluten-free, and don’t use eggs, dairy, or cheese.

Add superfood flaxseed to your keto diet now with this simple recipe and reach your fat macros easily and with taste! One of the best easy low-carb recipes for Mexican food lovers.

Flaxseed wraps  Keto + Vegan + Gluten-free

You know how much I love healthy finger food especially wraps! I have a passion for creating keto wrap recipes.

While I love my low-carb spinach taco shells, I won’t make them anymore when hubby is home.

The tacos contain eggs and cheese, which are not compatible with his vegan diet. That’s why today I am sharing with you a totally new, almost NO carb wrap recipe that is also vegan.

But before sharing the recipe, let me answer a few questions that you’re probably asking yourself.

Flaxseed Wraps keto

Is Flaxseed Keto-Friendly? Is Flaxseed Low In Carbs?

Flaxseed is a great super-food to add to your keto diet plan. It contains 71% of fat from healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which is ideal for reaching your fat macros quickly.

Plus, it has only 3g net carbs per 100g, and 46% of the carbs in flaxseed are non-digestible fibers. If you are looking for a vegan and keto option, this is the one to eat.

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Can you eat wraps on keto?

Yes, you can definitely have a good low-carb wrap on a keto diet if the wrap is made of low-carb flour.

The best keto wrap recipes are made of flaxseed, almond flour, or coconut flour. Typical keto wraps contain between 2g and 4g of net carbs per serve, which is within the acceptable range on a keto diet.

These flaxseed wraps are very low carb with only 1.2g of net carbs per wrap, so a big YES for all keto wrap lovers like me!

How Can I Use Flaxseed On A Keto Diet?

You can make use of raw flaxseed or ground flaxseed in many different recipes like keto wraps recipe, flaxseed bread, flaxseed crackers, or simply add some flaxseed powder to thicken a smoothie without adding sugar!

Find all my best flaxseed recipes.

Flaxseed Wraps keto

What are the benefits of eating flaxseeds?

Flaxseeds or linseeds contain many beneficial nutrients for your health. The most important are:

  • Omega 3 fatty acids, also known as “the good fats,” protect your heart, and they have been shown as beneficial nutrients to decrease triglycerides and lower blood pressure.
  • Lignans, flaxseed is the plant with the more lignans, an antioxidant found in the fiber part of flaxseeds. Lignans are also phytoestrogens, a plant nutrient that somehow could act like the female hormone estrogen. This is a very controversial topic, and scientists aren’t sure how much lignans impact our hormones. While some studies seem to prove that it can help fight breast cancer, others demonstrated that phytoestrogens don’t mimic estrogen at all and rather prevent the formation of blood tumors.
  • Fiber flaxseed contains 27g of fiber per 100g. Note that it is recommended to eat about 25g of fiber daily for women and 38g for men.

This said, let’s have a little closer look at our flaxseed wrap recipe and its nutritional info.

Flaxseed wraps nutrition

One flaxseed wrap contains all your needs to reach your fat macros on a keto low-carb diet with 17.7 grams of fat per wrap, coming from healthy omega 3 fatty acids.

Bonus, it also covers 60% of your daily fiber intake with 11.6g of fiber per wrap, bringing those keto wraps to only 1.1g of net carbs.

A single wrap has as much as 11.6g of proteins to keep you full or refuel your muscle after a workout.

How To Make Flaxseed Wraps With 4 Ingredients

All you need to make those delicious flaxseed wraps are 4 basic ingredients.

  • Flaxseed meal – I make my own using flaxseed that I blend into a fine meal. I love to make my own because the one from my store is too coarse. You need to use a flaxseed meal that looks like an almond meal, with no pieces of flaxseed left, or the recipe won’t work as well. Get your meal as fine as possible using your blender or buy a meal that doesn’t contain ungrounded seeds – large pieces won’t absorb the same amount of water in the recipe, and the batter won’t form a dough in the same way – it will remain way too sticky. Below is my own flaxseed meal made in less than 1 minute in my simple blender.
  • Boiling water – Do not use cold water, or this recipe won’t work. Make sure you remove the saucepan from the heat before adding the meal to make sure it doesn’t stick to the saucepan. Then, be patient, stir until the mixture forms a ball that doesn’t stick to the pan and that you can hold it in your hand. Then, roll the dough between pieces of parchment paper to prevent the dough from sticking to your benchtop or rolling pin.
  • Spices – I used a combo of spices that have good anti-inflammatory properties: turmeric, ginger, garlic, and onion. But use what you like, of course!
Flaxseed Wraps keto

When combined with boiling water, the fiber absorbs the water, gradually forming an elastic dough ball.

That elasticity from the dough will be critical to making perfect wraps that won’t break when you start filling and folding them.

For a different way to watch this recipe, check out my Web Story: Making Keto Flaxseed Wraps!

Flaxseed Wraps keto

How to make round-shape wraps

I used a saucepan lid that I placed on top of my rolled dough to shape a lovely circle. It is optional, but it makes such a nice wrap to serve!

Reuse the leftover dough from the edge to make an extra wrap!

Flaxseed Wraps keto

Flaxseed Wraps Fillings

Flaxseed wraps are bland in flavor, especially if you are using golden flaxseed – brown flaxseed is slightly bitter.

That’s why I recommend adding my combo of spices in the batter to give these wraps an extra boost of flavor. Otherwise, the texture is soft, a bit grainy, and delicious.

Your filling will make all the difference.  My favorite vegan, low-carb wrap fillings are the ones below, added in this order. I also add some homemade low-carb tortillas chips on the side.

  • a layer of dairy-free coconut yogurt
  • mint leaves
  • fresh lettuce blend
  • cucumber sticks, skin-on for extra fiber
  • cherry tomatoes
  • a drizzle of lemon juice
  • salt & pepper
  • many avocado slices – like half an avo per wrap!
  • Chili sauce or mustard

My husband loves it simple. A drizzle of tahini, lettuce, cucumber, and vegan barbecue sauce – this is not low-carb, but oh well, he likes to have a fair amount of carbs for his running!

Flaxseed Wraps keto

Other Keto Tortilla Wrap Recipes

If you are looking for more low-carb tortilla wraps recipes, you can also try my other keto vegan wraps below. They make delicious keto sandwich wraps for lunch.

Flaxseed Wraps keto

Flaxseed Recipes For Breakfast

Flaxseed recipes are great for breakfast because of their high amount of plant-based protein and healthy fat that makes a fulfilling keto breakfast. My favorite flaxseed recipes for breakfast are:

Flaxseed Wraps keto

Recipe Card

Flaxseed Wraps keto

Flaxseed Wraps (Keto, Vegan)

1.1gNet Carbs
4.84 from 535 votes
Flaxseed Wraps are an almost no-carb, easy, keto wrap recipe made with 4 ingredients – 1.2g net carbs. 100% low-carb, gluten-free, and vegan. An easy protein wrap recipe to enjoy finger food while boosting your body with whole foods.
Prep Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 2 mins
Total Time: 12 mins
Yield: 4 wraps
Serving Size: 1 large flaxseed wrap

Recipe Macros

Net Carbs 1.1g
Fat 17.7g
Protein 7.8g
Calories 226.8kcal

My Macros

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Net Carbs
4.84 from 535 votes
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  • 1 cup Flaxseed or 1 1/2 cup flaxseed meal
  • 1 cup Water boiled
  • ½ teaspoon Salt

Spices – optional but delicious

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  • In a blender, add the flaxseed, blend at high speed until it forms a ground/meal. You can also use a flaxseed meal from the store but make sure the meal is as fine as almond meal, or it won't absorb all the water in the recipe, and it will get sticky.
  • In a small saucepan, bring the water to a boil. 
  • Remove from the heat, stir in all the spices and add the flaxseed meal all at once. 
  • Stir immediately with a wooden spoon until the meal absorbs all the water, dry out and form a dough ball. As you stir, the dough will form, it will gradually unstick from the saucepan forming a dough ball. It takes about 1-2 minutes max. 
  • Remove the dough ball from the saucepan and transfer it onto a piece of parchment paper to prevent the dough from sticking to your benchtop. The dough should not be too sticky, or if it does become sticky, it means your meal wasn't fine enough, but that is ok. Just sprinkle some extra meal onto the ball. 
  • Divide the ball into 4 dough balls of the same size. Place one of the dough balls onto a piece of parchment paper. Place another piece of parchment paper on top to prevent the dough from sticking to the rolling pin. Press the dough balls with your hands slightly to flatten and stick the top parchment paper piece to the ball.
  • Roll with a rolling pin until flat but not too thin, or it won't get soft when cooked. Aim for a 2-3mm thickness. Peel off the top piece of parchment paper. 
  • Take a round shape – like a saucepan lid – place it on top of the dough, and cut around the edges to make a circle. Remove the left-over dough, form a ball, and reuse it later for another wrap if you like.
  • Remove the lid and flip over the prepared wrap onto a non-stick pan – I use a ceramic non-stick pan or tortilla press. Peel off the last piece of parchment paper and cook. If you are not using a non-stick pan, spray some oil before putting the wrap into the pan.
  • Warm under high-medium heat and cook for 1-2 minutes or until the border gets dry – the center should be soft  – and you can easily slip a spatula under the wrap to flip over.
  • Cook for about 1 extra minute on the other side. Don't overcook, or the wrap will get very crispy, like tortillas chips! It has to be dry but soft to roll.
  • Place the cooked wraps on a plate.
  • Repeat those steps with the rest of the batter until you form 4 wraps (or 5, if you use the leftover dough from the edges, you can make an extra one!). It depends on how thick you made your wraps. You can reuse the same piece of parchment paper many times!
  • Serve them cold with filling of your choice or hot – you can also rewarm them in a sandwich press with your favorite filling.
  • Store in the fridge for 3 days, on a plate covered with plastic wrap, to keep them moist. 
Choosing flaxseed: golden flaxseed has a better taste than brown flaxseed. It can be bitter. I recommend using golden flaxseed if you don’t appreciate the slight bitterness of brown flaxseed. Both have the same nutrition properties.
Spices: use the spices you love like ground paprika, nutritional yeast, dried herbs. Spices are really recommended to add some flavor to the wrap as flaxseed could be very ‘blend’ in flavor.
Ground/meal: it is important to use finely ground meal, or it won’t absorb all the water. If you bought ground flaxseed that is too thick – still can see pieces of flaxseed – process for a few minutes in a blender before use.
Pan: use a non-stick pan – ceramics are the best, no need for oil. But if you are not using a non-stick pan, spray some oil before adding the wrap into the pan.
Freezing: Freeze them as regular wraps – make sure you wrap them flat inside a ziplock plastic bag. Defrost 2-3 hours before, or do it the previous day. Slightly rewarm in a frying pan for a few seconds without oil. Or wrap the food you like in there and wrap in a sandwich press! 
Net carbs per wraps (carbs take away fiber): 1.1 g
My Recipe Notes

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Tried this recipe?Mention
Nutrition Facts
Flaxseed Wraps (Keto, Vegan)
Amount Per Serving (1 large flaxseed wrap)
Calories 226.8 Calories from Fat 159
% Daily Value*
Fat 17.7g27%
Saturated Fat 1.5g9%
Polyunsaturated Fat 12.1g
Monounsaturated Fat 3.2g
Sodium 306.5mg13%
Potassium 353.6mg10%
Carbohydrates 12.7g4%
Fiber 11.6g48%
Sugar 0.8g1%
Protein 7.8g16%
Net Carbs 1.1g
Vitamin A 0.1IU0%
Vitamin C 0.5mg1%
Calcium 110.4mg11%
Iron 2.5mg14%
Magnesium 166.2mg42%
Zinc 1.8mg12%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
Carine Claudepierre

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Carine Claudepierre

Hi, I'm Carine, the food blogger, author, recipe developer, published author of a cookbook, and founder of Sweet As Honey.

I'm passionate about sharing easy, tasty recipes that are both delicious and healthy

Cooking and Baking is my true passion. In fact, I only share a small portion of my recipes on Sweetashoney. Most of them are eaten by my husband and my two kids before I have time to take any pictures!

Browse all my recipes here.

I hope that you too find the recipes you love on Sweetashoney!

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    272 Thoughts On Flaxseed Wraps – Keto, Vegan & Gluten-free
    1 4 5 6
  1. 5 stars
    Thank you so much for this recipe. My kid has ADHD, and his doctor remove gluten from his diet. Pretty hard for a 4 year old, that lives for bread, pasta, flour tortillas. In my country getting gluten free products is expensive, and this wraps have become the new flour tortillas kiddo. I cant thank you enough.
    He loves them!!!


    • That is the most WONDERFUL comment I read today. I am a mum too and it makes me so happy that my simple recipe makes others kids better life! I love flaxmeal cause it is healthy, gluten free and cheap! Enjoy the recipes on the blog. Love to your family ! XOXO Carine.

  2. 5 stars
    Thank you for sharing this recipe! I have been searching for some seriously healthy and delicious wraps for ever and these turned out to be the best ever! They are so good with absolutely anything and had been my go to instead o any kind of bread!

    • OMG! you mad emy day. I am making those wraps for ages and I never thought about sharing the recipe until few weeks ago. I am happy that it makes others happy. They are seriously good. I always have a batch in the panty as we eat wrap each weeks 🙂 Thanks again for this lovely comment. XOXO Carine.

        • That is ok ! I love to help. I store mine in the fridge for up to 4 days. Put them on a plate, wrap with plastic wrap to avoid them to dry out. Enjoy. XOXO, Carine.

  3. 5 stars
    Hi Carine. I think I’m going to enjoy your website. I’m kind of a hesitant cook, even though I enjoy cooking; so it’s very helpful and encouraging to see your detailed instructions! I’m excited to try the flaxseed wraps!! I’ll let you know how they turn out! And a bonus to me from reading this recipe through was discovering that I could use my coconut yogurt for “mayo”!! And your suggestion to add tahini reminded me that I have some I need to get out from the back of my fridge!! ????

    • YEAH! I am so glad to have you on board my friend! Enjoy the flax wraps and all the low carb recipes around. All my recipes are EASY, few ingredients and plenty of detailed instructions to guide you through it ! It is a NO fail healthy recipe blog 🙂 And if you struggle, send a message or mail, I am here to help you and would love to ! Have a lovely time cooking and thanks for reading the blog. XOXO Carine.

  4. 5 stars
    I make my own bread, English muffins and crackers and more but I have never made wraps so this is something I’m excited to try. I love usin flax seed too. I’m excited to try your recipe so thank you for sharing! ????

    What size are the wraps you have made? It looks like maybe 8-10 inches (20-25 cm).

    • YES that is about 20 cm I am using my saucepan lid to shape them so it makes quite big wraps. I am having only one with lots of greens and proteins inside – very fulfilling ! You will love the recipe I am sure. Let me know how it goes. XOXO Carine.

    • For just one large wrap BUT remember that only one wrap contains 17g of fibre it is huge! Most people won’t reach this amount in their daily intake. Fibre are not assimilated by our body which means it will help your digestion a LOT and all those fibre will keep you full for so long that you won’t overeat after that ! Enjoy the recipe. XOXO Carine.

  5. 5 stars
    The idea to be able to make them crunchy appeals to me n my husband so we can use them like “crackers” for cheese all, dips and such. I’ll be trying this recipe today and see how it goes. Thanks so much for sharing your recipe!!!
    Question: how do you think is the best method to get the wraps crunchy??? Pan fry or oven bake???
    Thank you!!

    • Hello! Both options are great. In the frying pan simply follow my wrap method but cook them longer and roll them super thin. Remove from the pan when crispy enough. In the oven I place the dough wrap on a piece of parchment paper on a cookie sheet, cut the dough into triangle as nachos using a pizza cutter and bake for 6-8 minutes at 200 C (or until crispy on sides). Cool down 2 minutes on the cookie sheet then enjoy as chips. Have a look at my low carb chia seeds nachos recipe for the process, it is pretty similar ! Enjoy the recipe, XOXO Carine.

  6. 5 stars
    Hi- recipe looks delish can’t have soy i cant have soy. Do you think it could still work if I ground up chia or hemp seeds as the base ? THANks

    • Hello ! That is a tricky question and I hate to say yes or no when I did not try a recipe alternative myself ! I guess chia seed could work, I never bought hemp seeds so unsure about that one sorry. Let me know if you are trying something else! Would love to know how it goes! XOXO Carine.

  7. 5 stars
    This is an absolutely amazing recipe
    The recipe was tweaked to make them indian and they taste exactly like a gujarati food called thepla. Absolutely brilliant and have made me so happy. Spices put in were salt, chilli powder, garlic granules, turmeric, corriander, cumin, jeeru.
    The total of the spices I’m sure would bring them to about 2g net carb or so. Traditionally they are eaten with pickle or yoghurt and I have been wanting something bready for so long.

    • That is an AMAZING comment! Love the indian options, so inspiring for my future batch. Thanks for shaing and trying the blog recipe. XOXO Carine.

  8. These look great! Question: can you fill them ahead to bring for lunch(example with hummus and veggies), or will the moisture make them break? Thanks

    • Hello ! I often prepare mine in the morning for lunch. I wrap them into plastic wraps and cut in half at lunch time, remove the wrap. They are softer but still hold well as soon I don’t add too juicy vegetables like tomatoes. Enjoy the recipe ! XOXO Carine.

  9. 5 stars
    Amazing! Love your precise instructions. Turned out exactly as described! Had them with your roasted red peppers bean dip (which, btw, is also great) and some fresh veggies.

    • Awesome! That is the kind of comment I like! So happy you love the wraps my dear. Enjoy the blog and recipes. XOXO Carine.

  10. 5 stars
    Thanks Carine for this recipe. I will be trying it out with my brown linseed and I am very optimistic that it will turn out well.

    • It is such a pleasure to share my recipes with you ! Enjoy the wraps, it is super easy to make and I am sure you will make the most beautiful and tasty tortillas! Enjoy the blog and recipe. Thanks for following me. XOXO Carine.

  11. 5 stars
    Thank you for putting this recipe. It is so easy to make. For the first time in ages l will be sitting down with my family for taco wraps and be able to have a wrap like everyone else. I made out of the batch 7 as l made them smaller with a little to try and they are so good on their own. I used a coffee grinder to mill the seeds. Again thank you

    • Your welcome my friend! This comment makes me SO happy, it is all this blog is about, providing simple healthy recipes to share with family. I am so glad you can enjoy taco night again, I can’t have a week without it ! Enjoy the blog, XOXO Carine.

    • Yes sure ! As I said in the comment earlier : Freeze them as regular wraps – make sure you wrap them flat, inside a zip plastic bag. Defrost 2-3 hour before or previous day. Slightly rewarm in a frying pan few sec – no oil. Or wrap the food you like in their and wrap in a sandwich press! Enjoy the recipe. XOXO Carine.

  12. Just asking – do you mean 1/2 cup of flaxeal or 1.1/2 cups faxmeal? I was thinking that ground flaxmeal would be less by volume then whole flax seads.

    • You need 1 cup of flaxseed that you powdered into a blender which makes 1 cup + 1/2 cup of grounded flaxsmeal. So you need either 1 1/2 cup of ground flaxmeal or 1 cup flaxseed that you grind. When you ground the flaxseed the volume of ground flaxmeal is higher. I hope it makes things clearer. Enjoy the recipe my friend! Thanks for reading the blog. XOXO Carine.

        • No I didn’t sorry I only made this recipe in cups and it works pretty well as it use a single flour. Enjoy the low carb recipes on the blog. XOXO Carine.

    • You need 1 cup of flaxseed that you powdered into a blender which makes 1 cup + 1/2 cup of grounded flaxmeal. So you need either 1 1/2 cup of ground flaxmeal or 1 cup flaxseed that you grind. When you ground the flaxseed the volume of ground flaxmeal is higher. I hope it makes things clearer. Enjoy the recipe my friend! Thanks for reading the blog. XOXO Carine.

    • Yes sure ! Freeze them as regular wraps – make sure you wrap them flat, inside a zip plastic bag. Defrost 2-3 hour before or previous day. Slightly rewarm in a frying pan few sec – no oil. Or wrap the food you like in their and wrap in a sandwich press! Enjoy the recipe. XOXO Carine.

  13. 5 stars
    Thank you so much for this recipe. I have just made it and it is so delicious. I was making my own gluten free and vegan bread for years and this recipe will replace it from now on. How amazing is that! ? I would love to see your other recipes. Thanks a lot Carine!

      • Sure ! but no need to fry in oil. Simply place the rolled flax wrap on a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper. Cut your tortillas chips with a pizza cutter or knife and bake at 200C for 6-8 minutes until crispy on sides. Remove from oven, cool down few minutes before separating each chips. Look at my low carb tortillas chips recipe for inspiration on how to cut, bake the dough. Enjoy the recipe. XOXO Carine.

    • That is the MOST beautiful comment! I love reading amazing things like that in the morning. You made my day. I switch vegetarian 1 year ago and my husband vegan, so there will be more and more vegan recipes coming up for you ! Enjoy the blog. XOXO Carine.

        • 4 stars
          I made tortilla chips & made nachos. The original recipe didn’t turn out. So plan B was chips. Turned out great!

        • It would work but make sure you roll them very thin. I did overcook few of them and they gets very crispy 🙂 Enjoy the treats. XOXO Carine.

          • I’m really interested in trying this recipe! I’m curious to know if you’ve ever tried baking a whole wrap in the oven of that it comes out crispy, like a Mexican tostada?

          • Well, I did actually make ‘chips’ with this. I bake at 200C for 6-8 minutes. I place my wrap on a cookie sheet covered with a piece of parchment paper – easier to un stick when baked! It comes out very crispy, specially the one I roll very thin. I hope it helps ! Enjoy the recipe and the healthy others recipes on the blog. Thanks for reading and trying them! Don’t forget to report back if you have success with the tostada idea! Love it !!! XOXO Carine.

  14. Hi, where do you buy your golden flax seeds and what brand? I looked at Bobs Red Mill and they are 4 net carbs for a 31g serving.

    • 5 stars
      I made this today! It turned out amazing. In the water I added a teaspoon of tomyam paste, so the mixture had Thai taste and aroma! Can’t wait to make myself some wraps for lunch tomorrow. Your recipe is indeed a carte blanche: you can go creative with what you want to flavour the water with before mixing it with the flaxseed meal. Will definitely make this again! Thank you very much.

      • I love the Thai flavor you choose for those wraps, I never thought about that ! Such a great idea. Thanks for your feedback, enjoy the recipes on the blog. XOXO Carine.

      • Amazing! i love golden flaxseed too, less bitter than the brown ones. Thanks for sharing your tips here. Enjoy the blog recipes. XOXO Carine.

      • I make a golden flaxsees foccacia which freezes very well so I am sure the wraps would be OK to freexe. I may give the wrap recipe a try and see how it goes. I keep my flaxseed in the refrigerator and only grind it as I need it (coffee grinder, very quick)

        • Ground flaxseed becomes rancid fairly quickly,even if kept in frig.It is best to kerp it in the freezer- it does not get hard due to the oil content & you can use what you like & put back in freezer.Yhis will ensure that it does not become rancidity.

      • I guess yes but as I did not freeze mine I won’t say yes without trying. Let me know if you give this a go. I would love to know how it freeze! XOXO Carine.

    • Hello! I am living in New Zealand and we don’t have Bob Red Mill here. I am using brown flax seeds most of the time and use Ceres Organic in NZ. Enjoy the recipe. XOXO Carine.

      • Hi???? thankyou for this recipe. I will make them today, but am wondering, can I dehydrate them instead of cooking? If so, for how long ????
        Have a wonderful day, and thankyou for keeping us all inspired to be healthy!

        • Hello Jacqueline! I don’t have a dehydrator so I have got no idea how long it will required. But I am sure it will work well too. Thanks so much for following my blog and trying my recipes. XOXO Carine.

        • I don’t like to say yes or no when I didn’t try the recipe before but I guess this would work. Chia and flax have similar properties but I am not sure the water/seed ratio will be exactly the same. Let me know if you try something ! Would love to learn more about that interesting healthy option! Have a lovely day, XOXO Carine.

          • I tried this twice and neither times did I get a dough ball per your instructions I ground very fine and it still did not work.

          • How was your dough? If too sticky it is either the ground is too thick or you didn’t warm the dough enough in the saucepan to evaporate the water. Enjoy the low carb recipes on the blog, XOXO Carine.

          • 5 stars
            I tried these with 1 cup flax and 1/2 cup ground chia and they turned out really nice. thank you for this recipe.

          • That is amazing ! I would never thought about using chia seed as well 🙂 Thanks for your feedback. Enjoy the blog recipes. XOXO. Carine.

1 4 5 6


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