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How to Squeeze the Most Juice from a Lime without a Juicer

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Carine Claudepierre - May 24, 2014

How to Squeeze the Most Juice from a Lime without a Juicer

How to Squeeze the Most Juice from a Lime without a Juicer?

I did some recipe with lime recently and I thought I should share my tips about How to extract the most Juice from a Lime without a juicer. I do not have a juicer at home and my technique is really simple. I am using a fork.

1. Roll the lime on a hard surface

I usually roll the lime between my hand on the benchtop but if there are really hard I am using my feet on the floor. I know what you think right now. Yuck! But I am obviously not doing that after a 30 minutes run or if I am going to use the zest of the lime.

lemon press on hard surface text

2. Cut crosswise

The membrane inside the fruits will be harder to break if you cut the lime crosswise but you will get more juice. If the membrane is too hard to cut through them with a knife.


3. Use a fork

That is the trick! using a fork as a reamer. Pick the fork onto the half lemon. Hold firmly in one hand, squeeze and turn the fork at the same time. The juice will easily come through. You see, no need to buy a reamer or a juicer! We all have forks in our kitchen.

collage fork 2

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  1. 5 stars
    I totally agree that Lemon has magical health benefits. I have experienced it personally. Many times it helped me in soothing my mind by relieving stress.


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