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Bread, an indispensable staple of most meals. Think about it, most cultures over the world have come up with a form of bread in their history. From the Greek pitas to the French baguette, the Italian ciabatta to the Indian naan, every cuisine has its side of crusty or soft, flat or raised kind of bread. All these breads have the very same inconvenient for low-carb or keto dieters. Carbs, a lot of carbs.

So, I have to break it to you, traditional pitas are not keto friendly, naans are not keto friendly, sourdough breads are not keto-friendly. The list goes on, because none of the common breads are keto friendly. Some keto breads are starting to arrive in grocery stores, but they generally don’t taste like the real deal.

But the good news is that yes, you can eat bread on keto! You’ll find below our very best keto bread recipes, from oopsies to burger buns, super-fast microwave buns or traditional loaves. A bunch of low-carb easy recipes that are healthy, quick to make and above all, delicious.

The ultimate low carb keto bread recipe guide

Can I buy keto bread?

Before we dive into our most popular keto bread recipes, let’s understand why you shouldn’t eat store-bought bread on a keto diet. Commercial breads are all made with carb-loaded flours – white flour, wholemeal flour, corn flour, etc.. They are all way too high in carb. To be very precise, a typical slice of white bread has about 13g of net carbs, which is half of the typical keto carb macros for a whole day! In one slice. A slice of wholemeal bread is even worse, despite the increased amount of fiber, they come with about 15g of net carbs. So stay clear of regular breads!

If you are wondering whether gluten-free breads you can find in the same aisle are keto, the answer is no. Typical commercial gluten-free loaves would have between 10g and 13g of net carbs per slice.

Now, there are some Keto breads available in store and, these are of course keto-friendly. But beware, in order to be both Keto friendly and last long enough, they are made with tons of eggs, thickeners and food preservatives. Plus they tend to be quite dull. You are unlikely to find buns or oopsie breads!

How to make keto bread?

The easiest thing to do to make delicious keto bread is to pick one of our most popular recipes below and follow the instructions! But here are some additional tips.

Choose low carb flours

There’s no secret, to make low-carb bread you need low-carb flours. How do you know if a flour is low-carb? We define as low-carb the flours, meal or grounds that contain a very low amount of net carbs. Therefore, low-carb flours generally contain a high amount of fiber. It should be noted that net carbs are the amount of carbs per 100 grams of product after taking away the fibers. As a general rule, any flour with less than 21 grams of net carbs per 100 grams is considered low-carb – don’t panic, the addition of other ingredients in the recipe will take the carbs down in the final product.

The table below lists the most common low-carb flours for baking bread (data from nutrition data). For comparison purpose, regular white wheat flour is loaded with 73g of net carbs per 100g.

Low Carb Keto Flours

Combining flours

Unlike traditional baking, low-carb baking requires to combine flours in order to create the most delicious bread textures. Obviously, you will find some keto bread recipes that make use of only one flour. But these recipes most likely use a huge amount of eggs to compensate for the lack of texture. As a result, these keto bread recipes often have an overpowering egg flavor, they don’t store very long and can be very cake-like more than bread-like.

  • Almond flour or hazelnut flour – perfect to create moist breads with a soft texture. If used on its own with eggs, almond flour have a cake-like texture so it has to be mixed with another flour for a real bread-like texture.
  • Coconut flour – perfect to add fiber and bulk to your bread. However, coconut flour contains a lot of fiber – 37g per 100 grams. Consequently it absorbs a lot of moisture in the recipe and can dry your bread quickly if you don’t add enough fluids in the recipe.
  • Psyllium husk – perfect to replace eggs and create an egg-free keto bread. Husk binds ingredients together and adds the chewy elastic texture we all love in bread – just like gluten does in regular wheat-based bread.
  • Flaxmeal or chia seed meal – these flours add elasticity to bread. They should be used in small amounts, around 1/3 cup per bread loaf.
  • Sunflower seed flour or pumpkin seed flour – these flours are great substitutes to almond flour if you are allergic to nuts. They can’t be used in similar volumes as almond meal and add the same properties to your bread. They might just be slightly more difficult to source.
  • Peanut flour – a delicious flour in desserts and a great way to add peanut butter flavor to muffins, cookies or loaf

Our favorite combinations of flours are

  • Almond flour + Coconut flour + Flax meal + Psyllium Husk: For a round bread-like texture
  • Almond flour + Coconut flour + Psyllium Husk: For a crispy crust and soft inside.
  • Flax meal + Coconut flour: To get a hard, dense bread
  • Almond flour + Psyllium Husk: For a soft bread

Be precise, weigh your ingredients

Low-carb baking is not hard but it uses high-fiber flours that are highly water absorbent. As a result, if you don’t measure your ingredients precisely your bread dough can easily end up way too wet or way too dry. I recommend you use an electronic scale for success.

A wide range of low carb bread recipes

There is a wide range of keto breads that you can make using low-carb flours including:

  • Bread loaf – bread that can be sliced and used as a sandwich base. It doesn’t include fruits or sweets
  • Rolls – short, round, served usually before or with meals often with butter
  • Bun – for burgers or just to use for your sandwiches.

Most popular keto bread recipes

Find below a round up of all our favorite bread recipes. Don’t hesitate to comment if you made them or if you would like to find another recipe here!

90 second keto bread
This 90 second keto bread will fix all your bread craving! This is a tasty keto bread with the most wonderful soft bread texture perfect for sandwich or toast.
Net Carbs: 3.2g per serving | Serves 1
2 minutes
Check out this recipe
keto ham and cheese sandwich
Keto zucchini bread
KETO ZUCCHINI BREAD an easy moist almond flour low carb bread with grated zucchini, walnuts, pecan and cinnamon.
Net Carbs: 3.3g per serving | Serves 16
15 minutes
Check out this recipe
KETO ZUCCHINI BREAD with almond flour, gluten free #almondflour #zucchinibread #ketozuccinibread #easy #glutenfree #withswerve #videos #withwalnuts #paleo #healthy #zucchini #fallrecipes #fallspices
Keto Pumpkin bread
Keto pumpkin bread, a moist pumpkin bread with delicious pumpkin spice flavors
Net Carbs: 3.6g per serving | Serves 16
15 minutes
Check out this recipe
KETO PUMPKIN BREAD with almond flour, easy moist, gluten free #ketopumpkinbread #pumpkin #bread #keto #best #easy #healthy #glutenfree #moist #best #coconutflour #paleo #dairyfree #sugarfree #video
Keto Almond flour Bread
Keto almond flour bread is an easy low carb bread loaf recipe with a delicious bread texture and flavor. Also, it's paleo and gluten-free too!
Net Carbs: 3.2g per serving | Serves 16
15 minutes
Check out this recipe
KETO ALMOND FLOUR BREAD LOAF easy NO eggs flavor #keto #ketobread #easy #lowcarb #nodairy #paleo #healthy #glutenfree
Best keto bread recipe without eggs
The best keto bread recipe without eggs, with coconut flour
Net Carbs: 3.6g per serving | Serves 14
15 minutes
Check out this recipe
THE BEST KETO BREAD WITHOUT EGGS #ketobread #keto #egglessbread #almondflourbread #bestketobread #best #psylliumhusk #easy #vegan
Low carb burger Buns
Low carb burger buns are easy homemade gluten free keto bread buns with a soft brioche texture. No yeast or eggs in those buns only nourishing almond flour, coconut flour and psyllium husk for a 100% Vegan and paleo burger. 
Net Carbs: 6.4g per serving | Serves 6
20 minutes
Check out this recipe
Low carb burger buns KETO + VEGAN
Keto Garlic Bread
An easy Keto garlic bread recipe with almonds ready in 30 minutes for a quick side dish or appetizer to share with friends.
Net Carbs: 4.3g per serving | Serves 6
10 minutes
Check out this recipe
KETO GARLIC BREAD Easy, Cheesy Stuffed bread sticks #ketogarlicbread #ketobread #almondflour #easy #lowcarb #cheesy #quick #best
Keto bread loaf No Eggs, Low Carb + Vegan
Keto bread loaf No Eggs, Low Carb with coconut flour, almond meal, psyllium husk and flaxmeal. A delicious easy low carb baking recipe with only 3g net carb per slice!
Net Carbs: 3g per serving | Serves 16
15 minutes
Check out this recipe
keto vegan bread
Keto bread rolls
Keto bread rolls NO EGGS ! 100% Vegan + Dairy free + Low Carb + Grain free. Delicious crispy bread rolls made of almond flour, coconut flour and psyllium husk. 
Net Carbs: 4.7g per serving | Serves 6
10 minutes
Check out this recipe
Keto bread rolls
Microwave keto bread - 90 sec Flaxseed bread NO mug needed!
Microwave keto bread, easy 5 ingredient recipe, 90 seconds, NO Mugs required! Flaxseed, coconut flour and NO eggs needed ! Vegan + Paleo + Grain free +Low Carb.
Net Carbs: 1.2g per serving | Serves 1
3 minutes
Check out this recipe
Microwave keto bread flaxseed
Keto English muffins
This keto English muffin recipe is a 90 second keto mug bread recipe perfect to fix your bread cravings in 90 seconds.
Net Carbs: 4.4g per serving | Serves 1
10 minutes
Check out this recipe
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Peanut butter bread keto
Peanut butter bread is a delicious keto bread for breakfast or tea time and 5 g net carb per slice
Net Carbs: 5.1g per serving | Serves 16
15 minutes
Check out this recipe
KETO PEANUT BUTTER BREAD is an healthy moist keto bread with only 5 grams net carb per slice. #peanutbutterbread #ketobread #keot #moist #easy #healthy #peanutbutter #bread #lowcarb #glutenfree #simple #ketorecipes #ketobreakfast #lowcarbbread #ketones #ketolifestyle #ketofood
Low carb bread
Low carb bread

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