Almond Flour

Here you will find the best collection of low-carb keto recipes made of almond flour.

How many carbs in almond flour ?

One cup of almond flour contains 11. 8 g net carbs which is very low compared to wheat flour that contains 92 g net carbs per cups.

Almond flour nutrition panel for 1 cup

630 kcal, 23.7 g carbs, 11.8 g net carbs, 23.7 g proteins, 11.9 g fiber
3.9 g sugar, 55.4 g fat,  3.9 g saturated fat,  235 mg calcium, 4.2 g iron

Is almond meal the same as almond flour?

No, almond meal is a made from raw almonds, skin on and when grounded it results in a coarse, dry and dark flour. On the other side, almond flour is made from blanched almonds, it’s thin, white golden in color and not gritty or dry.

What’s blanched almond flour?

Blanched almond flour is made from almonds without skin. It is the best flour for keto baking recipes, it’s thin, light in color and create moist soft keto bread and keto cakes.

Is almond flour keto?

Yes, almond flour is a low-carb flour, it means it’s high in fiber, high in fat and low in sugar and carbohydrates. As a result, almond flour is one of the most popular gluten-free flour in keto baking recipes to create :

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