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Gluten-Free Sugar-Free Vanilla Cake

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4.88 from 250 votes
Carine Claudepierre -
Healthy Sugar free vanilla cake with whipped cream and raspberries. An easy and delicious low carb birthday cake recipe with stevia. Diabetes friendly, gluten free.

This Sugar-Free Vanilla Cake is 100% sugar-free and gluten-free.

This Keto-friendly diabetic vanilla cake deserves to be listed with my best sugar-free dessert recipe for diabetics!  The cake batter is light, fluffy, and melts in your mouth!

Plus, it is super easy to prepare. Only 5 ingredients for the most delicious light and airy Sugar-Free Vanilla Cake. You will absolutely love it!

 Healthy Sugar free vanilla cake with whipped cream and raspberries. An easy and delicious low carb birthday cake recipe with stevia. Diabetes friendly, gluten free.

Sugar-Free Vanilla Cake – The perfect diabetes-friendly birthday cake

This gluten-free vanilla cake is perfectly compatible with a keto diet and is suitable for diabetics. It comes to only 4.2 grams of net carbs per serving!

Since it is a sugar-free vanilla cake, it is made with a keto-friendly sweetener, Erythritol.

What ingredients for this sugar-free vanilla cake recipe?

This sugar-free cake is made with the following simple ingredients:

  • Eggs
  • Erythritol. The best keto-friendly sweetener. It behaves almost like sugar, is an easy replacement, and has 0 carbs.
  • Vanilla Extract
  • White Wheat Flour. Yes, despite using wheat flour, this recipe still manages to keep the carbs low! Remember that on keto or low-carb diets, what matters the most is the quantity of each ingredients!
  • Almond Flour. A great low-carb flour.
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Cream Cheese
  • Raspberries. Raspberries are one of the best low-carb fruits.
  • Sugar-free Dark Chocolate
  • Sliced Almonds

To make it a gluten-free sugar-free cake, replace the flour with Brown Rice Flour.


 Healthy Sugar free vanilla cake with whipped cream and raspberries. An easy and delicious low carb birthday cake recipe with stevia. Diabetes friendly, gluten free.

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To keep the whole cake gluten-free, use a combo of almond flour and brown rice flour. However, you can replace brown rice flour with all-purpose flour or Spelt flour if you are not gluten intolerant or if you don’t watch your carbs.

This Sugar-Free Vanilla Cake is light, melts in your mouth, and nobody will notice it is sugar-free!

 Healthy Sugar free vanilla cake with whipped cream and raspberries. An easy and delicious low carb birthday cake recipe with stevia. Diabetes friendly, gluten free.

How to make this sugar-free gluten-free cake?

I choose to cut this  Sugar Free Vanilla Cakes in two layers and spread a yogurt cream cheese vanilla cream between the layers – plus some fresh raspberries on the top.

In order to do that, follow the steps below:

Making the healthy vanilla cake layers

Make the layers by mixing the wet ingredients into the combined flours.

Then transfer onto a cake pan and bake for 20-30 minutes.

Making the vanilla cream

The vanilla cream is the easiest part of this recipe.

Make it by combining the yogurt, cream cheese, and sweetener and refrigerate.

Once it is made, spread it on the halved cake.

Topping with raspberry chocolate cheese cups

Make the cheese cups by melting chocolate on a muffin tray and add mashed raspberries on top.

 Healthy Sugar free vanilla cake with whipped cream and raspberries. An easy and delicious low carb birthday cake recipe with stevia. Diabetes friendly, gluten free.

As this was my birthday cake – yes I turned 33 this year! I really wanted to give a decadent look to this cake. So I made some Sugar Free Raspberry Cheesecake Chocolate Cups decorate the top. It is optional but it looks very cool – I think!

 Healthy Sugar free vanilla cake with whipped cream and raspberries. An easy and delicious low carb birthday cake recipe with stevia. Diabetes friendly, gluten free.


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Who is going to make this lovely vanilla birthday cake? Leave a comment below when you’ve done it!


Recipe Card

Healthy Sugar free vanilla cake with whipped cream and raspberries. An easy and delicious low carb birthday cake recipe with stevia. Diabetes friendly, gluten free.

Sugar-free and gluten-free vanilla cake

Healthy Sugar-free vanilla cake with whipped cream and raspberries. An easy and delicious low-carb birthday cake recipe with stevia. Diabetes friendly, gluten free. 
Prep Time: 15 mins
Cook Time: 25 mins
Total Time: 40 mins

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Net Carbs
Author: Carine Claudepierre
12 people
4.88 from 250 votes
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Vanilla Yogurt Cream

  • 1 cup Greek Yogurt
  • 8 ounces Cream Cheese
  • 4 tablespoons Erythritol
  • 1 cup Raspberries defrost

Raspberry Cheesecake Chocolate Cups

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  • Preheat the oven to 356°F (180°C).
  • Grease one 8-inch round cake pan.
  • In a large mixing bowl, using an electric mixer beat together the eggs, erythritol and vanilla until it almost doubles in size. It has to be light and fluffy and could take up to 5 minutes.
  • Combine the flour and almond meal in a bowl.
  • Add the flour mixture slowly to the beaten eggs. I recommend adding the flour mix 1/4 cup at a time - mixing with a spatula to well incorporate the flour and avoid lumps.
  • Transfer the batter into the prepared round cake pan.
  • Bake 20-30 minutes or until a skewer inserted in the middle of the cake comes out clean.
  • Cool down on a rack before cutting the cake and stuffing with the cream.

Meanwhile, prepare the vanilla cream

  • In a bowl whisk together the Greek yogurt, cream cheese, and swerve until it becomes thick. Refrigerate for 30 minutes. The vanilla yogurt cream will be used for 2 layers make sure you use it evenly in the next steps.
  • Cut the cake in half and spread a first layer of vanilla yogurt cream. Add fresh raspberry and more vanilla cream on top of the raspberries. Place the top cake layer and decorate with extra vanilla yogurt cream and fresh raspberries.
  • Melt the sugar-free dark chocolate in the microwave or in a saucepan until fully liquid and shiny.

Prepare the raspberry cheesecake chocolate cups

  • Place mini paper cups in a 12-hole mini muffin tray.
  • Add 2 teaspoons of melted chocolate to each paper case and freeze 5 minutes to harden.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of vanilla cream, 1 teaspoon of mashed fresh raspberries, and cover with more melted chocolate.
  • Freeze 5-10 minutes to harden.
  • Remove the chocolate cups from the freezer and break them roughly on a chopping board with a knife to decorate the cake.
  • You can keep the chocolate cups in the fridge or in the freezer to eat later.
12 people
Sweetener: the recipe works with monk sugar as well. Monk sugar is sugar-free, diabetes-friendly, and contains no calories. However, if you eat sugar replace Erythritol with coconut sugar.
Cream cheese choice: I used light Philadelphia cream cheese but any cream cheese will work well in this recipe
Tried this recipe?Mention
Nutrition Facts
Sugar-free and gluten-free vanilla cake
Amount Per Serving (12 servings/slices)
Calories 70 Calories from Fat 35
% Daily Value*
Fat 3.9g6%
Carbohydrates 4.9g2%
Fiber 0.7g3%
Sugar 0.2g0%
Protein 3.4g7%
Net Carbs 4.2g
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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  1. 5 stars
    Thank you for this recipe. I made some research first to learn about “Genoise” because I read some of the comments that their cake didn’t rise and you mentioned it’s Genoise, so I looked it up on how is the process and finally I made this recipe in a healthier way. Thank you so much. It takes a long time to whip up the eggs but that’s the trick.

  2. Hi, I’d really like to try your cake but I live in Europe and block stiff cream cheese does not exist… any suggestions on how to make your yoghurt cream with soft tub cream cheese?

    • I am French and lived 27 years in France. You can find cream cheese with the brand name Kiri, or Philadelphia. You can’t use yogurt instead of cream cheese in a frosting. it will be too liquid. Enjoy, XOXO Carine

  3. Hello! I am trying to make this recipe for a diabetic friend. The filling sounds delicious- but I am wondering if you have any nutritional information on it? Sugar or carb count? Thanks!

    • Hello ! That is amazing, I wish my friends bake me some cake too ! The nutrition panel appears at the bottom of the recipe card, doesn’t include the filling as it is very up to you to adapt what you like. Enjoy the cake. XOXO Carine.

    • Of course you can use regular white wheat flour but the recipe won’t be low carb anymore. Also, white wheat is ‘heavier’ so I recommend you sift the flour first to make sure the sponge come out light and fluffy. Enjoy the recipes on the blog. XOXO Carine.

  4. 4 stars
    HI, i tried the cake and unfortunately, it didn’t rise as expected/pictured. It was well baked and tasted very nice, but it was rather slim and there was no way I could cut the layer in half. Surprisingly to me, there is no baking powder nor soda, so could that be a reason? Thanks

    • Hi, that is a French recipe and you don’t need to add any baking powder or baking soda in a Genoise. What makes the cake rise are the fluffy egg white. You must incorporate the other ingredients very slowly into the firm whipped egg white to make sure the cake rise – as you will do for the classic Genoise recipe. I hope it works better for you next time. Genoise required some baking technique, you will get there I am sure! Thanks for following the blog. xoxo Carine.

      • Mine was very flat too. In this reply you say to use egg whites, but the ingredients list and recipe say use eggs so I used the yolk too. Which one is correct and is that why mine is so flat

        • Yes you must use the whole egg and beat tem super fast with your beater until it double in size and became light yellow in color. That is a pure french genoise cake recipes adapted to be sugar free. It is not the easiest I agree but as soon as you get it your genoise (sponge) will be thicker, light and fluffy using the WHOLE eggs 🙂 Otherwise, you can also bake two of those and use them to create a layer cake. Enjoy the recipes on the blog XOXO Carine.

  5. 5 stars
    I’m allergic to almonds, do you think I could substitute the almond flour with coconut flour? Thank you for the great recipe!

    • Hi, I won’t use coconut flour instead of almond flour because it contains too much fibre and it will soak up all the moisture of the cake. Some great almond meal replacement will be hazelnut meal, oat flour. Let me know how it goes! xoxo Carine.

  6. Hi There,

    The original post says that this recipe is dairy free also. Just wondering what you use or recommend instead of Greek yoghurt and cream cheese.

    • Hi, yes the cake batter is 100 % dairy free. As a dairy free filling I will use my nutty mousse made of soaked macadamia nuts, coconut oil and almond milk. Enjoy the recipe ! xoxo Carine.

    • Hi Kate, So sorry for the late reply! I am still on maternity leave with a 5 weeks baby boy home and I am trying to reply to every comment while feeding him 🙂 First, thank you for following my little blog. It makes me so happy to hear that you love my recipes !!! I understand that you would like to decrease the calorie of thiscake recipe. However if you change the flour and eggs amount it will be a totally different recipe. I am pretty sure it won’t work. Coconut flour contains 40% fibre – which is 4 times more than almond meal and brown rice flour as used in my recipe. It means it absorb liquid 4 times more as well. So if you also remove some egg yolk you decrease the liquid a lot. To me, this will result in a rock cake and not a sponge cake 🙂 I hope this helps ! And you can still enjoy only a little piece of this cake if you watch your kcal! It won’t hurt as it is full of protein and fibre to keep you full. See you soon on the blog and thanks again for reading me! Carine.

  7. 5 stars
    this sounds perfect and looks just wonderful… I have a question… what is vanilla yogurt cream ??
    I would love to make this soo, I appreciate any & all advise you can give me

    • Hi Abby, If you read the full recipe in the recipe box I provided the recipe for the vanilla yogurt cream as well as the sugar free chocolate cups. It is actually a simple mix of light cream cheese, Greek yogurt, stevia and vanilla. It is a very easy cake to make and you will love it 🙂 Enjoy! Carine.


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